Office wear

Hello everyone,

I am one of those persons whose day is much better when wearing a good outfit. Whether I go to work or have dinner with friends, I must feel confident with what I’m wearing. I don’t save clothes for special occasions, I will wear a hand painted colourful dress at the office without any remorse.

Every morning before choosing what to wear I pick the shoes first and then the clothes. 90% of the time I’m wearing heels and here I must quote Victoria Beckham “I can’t think in flats”. Heels empower me.

When deciding what to wear at work I try not to show too much cleavage and legs even though sometimes I get too influenced by what the girls in “The good wife” and “Suits” are wearing :P.

Last Friday at the office I chose to wear a pencil faux leather skirt with a white shirt and a pair of heels. It know it sounds like a normal office “uniform” but I always add some accessories that reflect my personality, this time was a waist leather belt from Alexander McQueen.


Office1 office2 office3 office4

I am wearing: Jacket from Max Mara Studio , Pencil faux leather skirt from ZARA White shirt from Hawes&CurtisChristian Louboutin heelsAlexander McQueen leather belt