Trip to NYC – bar and restaurants

One simply can’t go to NYC and not take advantage of all the restaurants and bars that this city has to offer. Everyone that knows New York said that it is hard to go wrong in NYC about food since the standards are pretty high and new yorkers love to eat out. The first few days we played it safe and only went to places that we knew were good, but one day we decided that we would try also places that we had never heard about. And we were not disappointed. We had amazing Korean food one day and in the last day we tasted another Asian speciality bowl from a Brooklyn street food place. So my advice is to let your senses guide you and try new places out as well.

Here are the ones we loves and recommend:

Kats deli – the iconic place that serves the best meats and where the famous orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally was filmed.

Stanton social – American tapas, all was very good. Try the chicken and waffels.

The Standard Grill – good for Oysters but not only.

Black tap Burger – there is a queue at the entry, best burger and leave some room for the milkshakes.

Chelsea Market – best lobster and sushi.

Boom Boom Room – rooftop bar, very good for cocktails.

K-Bab Korean – Korean food.

Magnolia Bakery– famous from Sex and the city, very good cupcakes.


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Zurich Street food festival – Winter edition

I thought I would share a few pictures from the Zurich Street Food Festival that happened this past weekend in the city. I feel like I don’t do much these days besides the baby, so this seems like a good opportunity to share something else with you. We are very passionate about food, as you might have noticed, and we try not miss an opportunity for tasting some amazing dishes. We had the best hot dog, burger, pastrami sandwich and strudel this Saturday. Seriously if the food trucks would be in the city all year I would only eat there. Dangerous. If in Zurich, check the website for the next dates when the festival is happening. This was the winter edition.

You can read here about the summer edition.

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Cheesecake Chic in Zurich

Me and my husband are both known for our sweet tooth and even though we try to be careful about how many sweets we eat, at occasions we like to indulge into something more special. Our three year anniversary was a very good opportunity to try this new cheesecake shop that now delivers to Zurich. It is called Cheesecake Chic and it offers a selection of cheesecakes that you can order for a reasonable price. Everything is freshly made with organic ingredients and the taste is divine. We ordered 6 mini cheesecakes with different fruit toppings. I liked the texture of the cream cheese and the fact that the biscuit base was moist and a bit juicy made it perfect. Also it was not too sweet, which I think is always so good since too much sugar can be too overpowering for the overall taste.

I ordered on the website and after the order was confirmed we set a time and date on when we could pick up the cheesecakes. All went smoothly and I can definitely recommend it, especially if you are fans of cheesecakes. Traian managed to take a few pictures before we devoured them.



DSC_2796 DSC_2797


This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive anything for writing it. Everything expressed in this post is based on my own opinion and experience and it has to do with my desire of encouraging new businesses that I like.