Late Start

Hi Luvs,

We had a rough start of the year over here. We were sick for most part of this month and the three of us managed to take care of each other somehow. We had help as well from our family and I can finally say that we are now getting back to normal. Being sick just reminded me that sometimes you need to slow down and just take a break. It might not be the perfect timing for that (is there such thing as the prefect timing to be sick?!) but staying healthy and positive is the only way forward, especially when your child is not well. Yes, experiencing our first real cold and virus with Luca got us appreciating even more what we have.

And on a happier note, today we discovered our new favourite Asian restaurant in Zurich, Lily’s Factory. We went there for a late lunch and enjoyed a family meal. Luca is now in the phase where he is trying to walk so we constantly have to walk with him. The only thing that is not very baby friendly is that they don’t offer child seats. We used the stroller to sit Luca when he was not standing up and exploring the place. You can also read a more experienced review about the place here. We give it a thumbs up and we will be stopping by soon.

Here are some pics from today. Wishing you a great week, luvs! Stay healthy and positive!

DSC_0543 DSC_0547 DSC_0552 DSC_0554 DSC_0564 DSC_0575 DSC_0581



Seasonal activities

I am in love with fall especially since this year it’s filled with a lot of emotions and love. Our baby boy is due in November and until this year I was never a big fan of this month since the weather gets so grey and the days become so short. But now with a child on our way, I can’t wait to experience the new seasons. I am sure it will bring us a whole new perspective on everything. Like pumpkin season that is now in full bloom. We love the local farms in our area and we try to stop by every weekend. It is a good opportunity to spend a few hours in the fresh air while sipping your coffee and eating a piece of seasonal cake (plum tart is especially delicious this year) and also stock up on fresh farm vegetables and fruits. It reminds me so much of my childhood and home and it brings me extra joy to know that next year in Spring we will see the orchards bloom with our baby in our arms.

In the Zurich area I recommend the Jucker farms, they are a great place for families and not only. You can take a walk around the lake and just admire the view.


DSC_3099 DSC_3114 DSC_3135 DSC_3162 DSC_3180 DSC_3192 DSC_3208