Home office

On my list, ever since we moved to our apartment, was buying a desk. I wanted to create a space that would resemble a home office, so that I would no longer have to use our dinning table or coffee table when writing. It is vital for me to have a nice setting when I write or work. I need a nice ambiance around me, that would be inviting and welcoming. So I chose a desk from Amazon and had it delivered to our home. When we finally got it I was over the moon and is safe to say that it has become my favourite spot in the house. Here are my essentials, that I need around me, when working: laptop and a notebook, magazines or inspiring books, a photo with a happy memory from our lives (our wedding), fresh flowers and a cup of coffee or tea (mostly in the evenings). If I have all that I am set and I can stay there for hours.It’s like time stops and I am in my own world. What are your desk essentials? I would love to know.


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I am wearing: Mango skirt and pumps (old but I like this ones as well), Zara sweater, H&M Necklace.