The magic of waiting for St. Nicholas

Every year on the 5th of December I go back to my childhood years and remember one of the happiest days of my life. I would wait for St. Nicholas knowing that he brings gifts to children that were good. I would prepare my boots and he would leave the presents there. My grandparents were the ones having to handle my anxiety and they would tell me all these stories that would only make me more curious. And then one year, I met him. I was so nervous and scared to even get close to him. Little I knew that it was my dad disguised as Santa. Sweet childhood memories…Tonight I felt like recreating the atmosphere of waiting for Santa and I made tea (we actually received some amazing tea today), cookies and I put some nice music on. Now you tell me if I don’t deserve all the presents in the world? We even have our boots ready. Enjoy the holiday, my dears! The magic begins tonight.

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