Make your holiday table stand out

I am a big fan of hosting dinner parties. Cooking comes relatively easy to me and having close friends and family around a table is my idea of a good time. With the winter holidays fast approaching I thought I would look for a few ideas on how to make the holiday table more stylish. A festive occasion needs to be celebrated and even if it is just me and my hubby, I still want to make our Christmas dinner and lunch special.

When it comes to winter holidays like Christmas we can go overboard with decorations. It is in the end the holiday that revolves around decorating your home. So in this case less is not an option. Here are a few main points to focus on when choosing you table decorations:

  •  Focus on a color palette and chose your materials around it. It can be red, green, silver, gold, white, whatever works for you.



  • A festive dinner table needs a centerpiece. Either you buy one that is already made, or you make one yourself. It can be a nice fruit bowl or you can use tree ornaments to create something nice. I am loving the transparent vase with cranberries inside and the white roses, in the 3rd picture below.


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  • If you plan a meal for more than 6 people it might add a nice touch to use place cards. It will definitely stand out and give the entire experience an extra special touch. Again you can make them yourself, just see below.


  • Don’t be afraid to use candles, they are a must have on a festive table.

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  • Don’t neglect the plates, napkins or cutlery. You can do some amazing arrangements using them. From a simple tree branch tied with a bow to a piece of fruit you can make each plate stand out.







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Here are a few shops that always have nice things for decorating a table:

WestwingOne kings lane;

AnthropologieZara Home;

Impressionen; Gilt

Hautelook; Home Decorators Collection


Christmas Decorations

Since we are travelling this year for Christmas, we decided not to have a Christmas tree. So I started looking for some ideas to make our home ready for the holidays. I just couldn’t help it and let the jolly season pass without touching our home. So I got some Christmas tree branches and with the pots I had around the house and our old Christmas decorations I put together a few centrepieces that are now all around our apartment. It was so much fun to make them myself. I love how simple things can come together and turn into something special. Is your home ready for the holidays?

DSC_6572 DSC_6621 DSC_6619



DSC_6598 DSC_6577 DSC_6575 DSC_6570 DSC_6567