Birthday wisdom


Today is my birthday and normally this day would have had a bittersweet feeling attached to it. I think that when it comes to birthdays, I was always a bit vain and selfish. I would focus on the fact that I was getting older and what that would do to me, like a lot of us do. But this year after coming across something online, I’ve finally realized that I was looking at the whole birthday thing from the wrong perspective. I mean why not be truly happy that I got to live another amazing year, that I got to meet Luca and experience his first year of life, that I got to become closer to my husband, that I got to build new friendships and make the old ones stronger, that I got to see our own parents become grandparents and the joy this has brought on them. That and many others are just a few reason to celebrate and to look forward to another year. Yes, that means getting old and dealing with all the stuff that will come from that but that is inevitable. And what you can’t change, you should embrace and live though with as much grace as possible. Don’t you agree?

So hurray to my birthday and to my new found wisdom that it’s linked once again to motherhood. I know I say this a lot but having a child and experiencing everything that comes with that is incredible. And as it is my first birthday since having Luca, I have to say that it is one of the best ones. It just is something else to be the mother of this little boy.

The first picture is from a barbecue we attended this past weekend at a friends house and the second one is from today, leaving the restaurant we had dinner at.



Xox, Andreea.