Bern on a Monday

Mondays are usually the least favourite part of the week for most of us. Well this past week we actually had a good one since both of us took the day off to drive to Bern with Luca to get his passport sorted at the Romanian consulate. It was such a nice, warm and sunny day that we took the time to eat lunch on a bench in the park, take a walk and just relax with the little one. Luca is loving the travelling around as much as we do and with the warm weather this is perfect for being outside more.

Bern is a lovely city and it was so nice to see everyone enjoying their lunch outside. A sunny day is not to be waisted, so kudos to the Swiss for knowing how to enjoy every moment of it, even when working.

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I am wearing: Zara jeans, H&M shirt, Navyboot loafers (I love them so much that I wear them all the time).

Luca is wearing: H&M jeans and shirt, Zara sneakers and vest fromĀ Jacardi Paris