My uniform: ankle boots and a dress

Every season I look for a new coat, a new pair of boots and a few dresses. I practically live in ankle boots paired with a dress and this season I have found a very good selection at About you. They have the best online community and I am so happy to get to be inspired by it, especially in winter when I find I lack so much of the energy from the sunny days. This weekend I chose to brave the cold and wear a spring/autumn coat with a black open back dress that is still pretty warm. Perfect for a wine tasting on the Zurich wine ships. It was fun and it always feel good to put an outfit together for you guys. Hope you like it and hope you enjoy browsing the About you website. Happy shopping!

dsc_3295 dsc_3296 dsc_3301 dsc_3314 dsc_3316 dsc_3320

   I am wearing: Goldie London coat now on sale (available in yellow as well) and Selected femme dress.

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Mid week shopping list


1. Light Pink Feather Vest  2. Custommade metallic curlicue skirt 3. High Heel Ankle Boot (on sale).


1. French Connection Crystallised Knits Jumper (on sale) 2. Purple Check Smart Trousers

PicMonkey Collage


1. Joe’s Jeans Shirley Wedge Boots 2. ASOS Longline Teddy Faux Fur Coat (on sale) 3. ASOS T-Shirt Dress  (on sale).

This shopping list is all about clothes and I gathered a few of the items that make me want to get out my wallet. A skirt and a blouse that look a bit more festive are so welcome since the holiday season is almost here. I can’t get enough of the black ankle boots: wedges are so comfortable, but a nice pointy heel is also a must have. I love T-shirt dresses since they look so casual and they are perfect for a work day but also for a night out. Make your pick ladies!

Dress like a man, feel like a woman

Rainy day and movie with friends at the cinema…the last thing on my mind are heels, I just want to be comfortable and warm. Who does best comfortable? Men, I tell you. Every time I think of men’s clothes and style I think of casual, comfort, shirt, jeans, boots. Without thinking like a man, I chose that for our movie night. It felt so good, to have my boyfriend jeans on and to pear them with ankle boots, my no heel option for the cold season. It felt different, and my jacket and shirt made my Oh, I can dress like a guy! look come together. The perks of male fashion are unlimited and for a girl to try them out, from time to time, feels refreshing. What do you think? Like it or not so much?


DSC_5817 DSC_5829 DSC_5830 DSC_5832 DSC_5833 DSC_5836 DSC_5841


What I wore: Zara shirt, jeans and jacket; Asos ankle boots, Furla globetrotter bag, Tiffany ring.

Road trip look

A few weeks ago we took a train ride with Bernina Express and we stopped for a few hours in this little mountain town, Poschiavo. We enjoyed a nice lunch at one of the oldest Italian restaurants I have ever been in my life, Albrici (built in 1682) and walked around the small streets afterwards. It was Saturday and the streets were very quiet, we even joked about the traffic (or lack off) but overall there were some nice couple of hours. I never quite know what to wear for trips to the mountains, since I am not the exact hiking boots kinda of girl, so I chose the safest option that would keep me warm and comfortable: oversize pullover, ankle boots, and a trench coat in case it rains. It proved to be a bit to warm for the actual train ride but outside it was just perfect. Also that day my hair decided to be very straight so whenever I look at the way I wore it, I think of Rachel Zoe. Am I crazy?


road trip outfit7

road trip outfit 3 road trip outfit road trip outfit2 road trip outfit4 road trip outfit6

I wore: Zara trench coat, jeans and pullover, Asos ankle boots, Furla messenger bag.

Things to do right now

I am a big fan of to do lists. I have a daily one at work where things are pretty serious, and every now and then, I make a list with things I need to get done in my free time. I find lists to be a great tool to get organised and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment every time I check something off it. So in an attempt to make my lists more fun, I decided every now and then to share my list with you. Maybe we can even check some things off the list together, who knows?!

1. Cook the most delicious pumpkin soup. This recipe from Jamie Oliver sounds amazing.



2. Find a nice autumn/winter coat. A bit more difficult then the first item on the list, but here is what I have so far. I like this one (Topshop) and this one (Asos), but my favourite so far remains the one from Zara below.




3. Get a cool pair of ankle boots, this ones (Asos)and this ones (Zalando) are serious contenders.

4. I have recently discovered the perfect moist colour lip treatment. It’s from Dior and it had made me forget my favourite lipstick. It’s incredibly soft and moist, and if you are looking for a lip balm with a touch of colour, then this is your pick. I have now the Coral Crystal, but I plan on trying some more shades. Find it here.


5. Stay in the sun as much as possible (using the correct amount of SPF of course), before cloudy November invades us. I plan on doing that for the next week in one of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote. Time to recharge the batteries!


ironman lanzarote eventpgmainimg 1280x600

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Have a nice week!