Parents: dealing with sick kids.

Ever since I have become a parent, I struggle with something. It is the anxiety that comes with your child being sick. Kids get sick a lot, they pick up viruses like bees honey and to be honest in the last 3 years I got quite used to having to cope with fevers, coughing in the middle of the night, pneumonia, hand foot and mouth… Or so I taught… A few weeks ago, Luca picked up a nasty stomach virus, that had him vomiting for 2 days in a row. He stopped eating and drinking, since when it was happening was resulting in a new vomit episode. On top of all, I was home alone with him the entire week, since Traian was in business trip to India. It was horrible, mostly because I let the feeling that I was alone get the best of me. When you are awake in the middle of the night with a sick child, you just think that the worse will happen and that it will never end. You feel hopeless when you watch your child suffering and all you can do it hold his hand and wait. This was me day and night with Luca. We did see the doctor and that helped, but still it felt terrible lonely.

And as I write this I have the same worried feeling in my stomach and even though I am aware that kids go though stomach bugs all the time, I still can’t shake this feeling. But in the same time, I know that next time it happens, I will know exactly what and how to deal with it.

So parents, is it just me that gets this way? I know it can be linked to the fact that we are away from close family, but still I think I have a good support system here. I rely on the medical system, and on my friends, even though at times, I struggle to ask for help and even when people offer I tend to say no. This is a lesson for me, to give and to get more help when needed.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you stay strong and manage to navigate the sick days with your younger ones. It comes with being a parent and we can support each other in this journey.

Stay healthy!


Some updates on Luca

We have been enjoying some well deserved sun lately in Switzerland and life all of a sudden seems so much more nicer. Luca is now 2 and a half (fun fact, I just discovered today that I am not 32 as I said to my trainer at the gym…shocker I am older :)). No, but seriously do people still count the years once you are 30?! No, right?

Anyways…back to Luca, he is no longer a wobbly baby, but a proper boy and especially since he is talking all the time, it hit me how grownup he is. He observes our every move, will copy it and will repeat all the things we say. This age is definitely my favourite but then again I say that about any phase he is in :)) We managed to get him off the pacifier this past week. It all came natural, no drama, he just accepted that the thing went missing. It helped that he had chewed a lot of it and it was no longer a pacifier, but something with holes in it. So when we told him at bed time that we lost it at the lake, he just went with it. He asked a few times again the following evenings, we gave the same response and he was all at peace with that.

Another major event was the fact that I managed to cut his hair. In case you did not know, Luca refused to let anyone cut his hair in the past 9 months. Over Xmas we cut his hair when he was asleep. So the other day I managed to convince him to let me cut it. I did good considering I have no clue about cutting hair, and that Luca was moving his head and I was mainly allowed to do it from the back. At least now I have hope that he will let a proper hairdresser cut it.

Over Easter he discovered chocolate eggs. We managed to keep him away from sweets for the bigger part of the first 2 years of his life. Now I am still limiting the sugar, but since we are in the land of chocolate, he tried it and loved it. He is a big fan of ice-cream, but only vanilla, or Weiss (White) as he calls it.

The pictures below are from the past 2 months: the Easter egg hunt in the forest, the walks in the city and the visit to the transport museum in Luzern. I hope you enjoy them.

DSC_4104 DSC_4105 DSC_4123 DSC_4129 DSC_4143 DSC_4159 DSC_4178 DSC_4182 DSC_4198 DSC_4200 DSC_4209 DSC_4226 DSC_4229 DSC_4260 DSC_4316 DSC_4370 DSC_4372 DSC_4378 DSC_4455 DSC_4456 DSC_4457 DSC_4458 DSC_4460 DSC_4463 DSC_4493 DSC_4500 DSC_4517 DSC_4524 DSC_4525 DSC_4526 DSC_4532


Xox, Andreea


Back in the game!

Life is too short not to document it.

So here I am documenting our life of 3 again.

Travel: We spent 2 days in Milan and it was like a breath of fresh air because we escaped the routine of Monday. Luca is such a big boy now and he certainly wants us to know that. He is challenging everything, any limit, any statement that we run by him. How do they call this age? The terrible two’s? It is certainly terrible but equally beautiful and funny.

Music: And on a side note, I am still very much obsessed with La La Land and I am constantly listening to the soundtrack. Plus I am rediscovering Jazzzzz.

Book: Big little Lies because I started watching the series and I was dying to see what happened next.

Fashion: New colours of sneakers from Adidas. Love them.

Lifestyle: Moving in less than 3 weeks to the city with big hopes that it will be the last move for the next 5 years (we moved every 3 year in the last 10 years). Also stopped using the Facebook app on my phone. It has significantly reduced my time on the phone during the day. It makes such a difference, and I don’t miss it at all. I still get all my news and I still have Instagram, so I am still connected via social media.

And some photos from Milan.

DSC_3867 DSC_3877 DSC_3874-3 DSC_3871

DSC_3911 DSC_3920


Winter is coming!

Just because the outside temperature is freezing it doesn’t mean you have to wrap yourself in a huge, fluffy blanket and sleep in front of the fireplace. What? It doesn’t? Sounds good though. 😛

Unfortunately, we have to run errands, do groceries, go to work and the cold weather is no excuse for not looking our best. Mix and match stylish pieces with cozy clothes and you’ll have some extraordinary winter outfits.

My perfect Sunday attire: an oversized cardigan over a turtle neck dress and a pair of knee high boots. I am crazy about my grey patched cardigan and I have been wearing it obsessively in the last weeks. I love how it brings any outfit to life.



file-21-11-2016-4 file-21-11-2016-3 file-21-11-2016-2

I am wearing:

Romwe Cardigan

Musette Boots

Asos Dress

Givenchy Bag


Bern on a Monday

Mondays are usually the least favourite part of the week for most of us. Well this past week we actually had a good one since both of us took the day off to drive to Bern with Luca to get his passport sorted at the Romanian consulate. It was such a nice, warm and sunny day that we took the time to eat lunch on a bench in the park, take a walk and just relax with the little one. Luca is loving the travelling around as much as we do and with the warm weather this is perfect for being outside more.

Bern is a lovely city and it was so nice to see everyone enjoying their lunch outside. A sunny day is not to be waisted, so kudos to the Swiss for knowing how to enjoy every moment of it, even when working.

DSC_1091-2 DSC_1101-2 DSC_1112-2

IMG_3863 IMG_3867 IMG_3877 IMG_3881

I am wearing: Zara jeans, H&M shirt, Navyboot loafers (I love them so much that I wear them all the time).

Luca is wearing: H&M jeans and shirt, Zara sneakers and vest from Jacardi Paris


Let’s talk laser hair removal


Hi, ladies. Today I decided to share with you my experience with laser hair removal. Who is not fed up of having hairy monkey legs and spending precious hours of our lives waxing them?! Just imagine how liberating must be to always be bikini ready, to be able to take your clothes off whenever without a worry. I was SOLD! Please take my money 🙂

I had my first session in November last year and I went all in, meaning I did full legs, under arm and Hollywood bikini (I guess I was really annoyed by all that hair). Prior to the session I had to make sure I didn’t wax for at least 4 weeks and have the hair shaved instead. Each area requires about 8 to 10 sessions, but that depends from person to person. After a long and friendly conversation with a skin advisor at the salon, we started the procedure. I will be honest and will admit that in some areas it hurts, for me the most painful was the bikini area near my @$#@ (you know what I mean) but thank God it only lasted a few seconds. The entire appointment lasted around 1:30 hours, which in my opinion is not too bad considering the large areas I had treated. After, my skin was a little swollen near my ankles but that went away in a couple of hours.

About 2 weeks after the session my hair started falling out and my skin was left soft and sooo smooth. I hardly had any hair and I thought “OMG, this is the best thing ever. Why haven’t I done this earlier?”

I had my second session in late December 2015 and due to the fact that only 6 weeks have passed since my last appointment I couldn’t laser my legs just the other areas. (Normally you should have 10 weeks between sessions on legs and 6 weeks on other areas.) This time it didn’t hurt as much and it only lasted 30 min. Again, I was amazed by the results.

At about 4/5 weeks past my second appointment, the hair started growing. I noticed that on my legs it was barely visible, instead on my armpits and bikini was very noticeable and I started to be a bit worried.

This past weekend I had my third session on my armpits and bikini but it was only the second one on my legs. The first thing I did when entering the salon was to ask if it is normal for the hair to be so visible and dark and I was assured that the third cycle of hair is nearly as thick as the initial one before the treatment. During the session, the skin specialist informed me that a further appointment was no longer required on my upper legs since the hair will be very light and hardly there the next time it grows. Again, the session lasted 1:30 hours and was as painful as the first one due to the blackness of the hair in some areas.

Now, I have to wait for the hair to fall out and see how it will grow back. So far, I am very pleased with the results, especially on my legs.

I will keep you posted with the results, if interested please follow my journey through laser hair removal and please feel free to ask any questions, I will be more than happy to answer.




New Clothing Shop in Zurich

The moment I laid eyes on this shirt dress I knew it will be something that would look amazing and be a good fit for me. I fell in love with the soft silk and the print on it. The fact that it is longer in the back works wonders for my silhouette and it leaves the impression of longer legs.

It is a Kelly Love design and you can find on the Cityscape fashion website. It is basically this cool online shop that has brought different designers from around Europe to the Swiss market. I absolutely loved their autumn winter collection and the idea behind the store that I have to share it. Below you can see me and Anna, the face and brain behind Cityscape fashion trying to recreate the back to school look with Kelly Love clothes. We were both so excited to get to take a few pictures wearing clothes that we felt like “professionals” shooting for a magazine. I love clothes and there is nothing like finding a shop that understands that clothes can tell a story. And Cityscape does that by promoting nice and quality design. Take a look at the online store and you will see what I mean.

DSC_9169 DSC_9171 DSC_9174 DSC_9181 DSC_9184 DSC_9201 DSC_9202 DSC_9208 DSC_9220


We are both wearing Kelly Love designs soon to be available for ordering on Cityscape Fashion.


Mountain view

I am a big fan of the mountains now that I live in Switzerland. Taking a hike when you have a baby under one can sound very unrealistic, but we managed it for the first time a few weeks ago. We took the car until Oberrickenbach, then jumped in the cable car with the pram, baby and other accessories and in 10 minutes we were up to Bannalpsee. Once there we took a deep breath since the air suddenly got fresher (in Zurich there were around 35 degrees that day) and we had lunch with Luca on the terrace of the only restaurant/hotel from the area. And then we were off for a long walk/hike to admire the lake and the view of the mountains touching the sky. Notice how I get suddenly very poetic…the mountain does this to you…it just sets the mood for daydreaming and relaxing. Luca was so relaxed in the carrier that he fell asleep after 20 min. And for my boy to fell asleep in the carrier, now that is a big thing.

In all honesty we had a great family day. I could not recommend this more, especially if you have kids that are bit older. There were people swimming in the lake or simply just having a picnic there.


DSC_8659 DSC_8662 DSC_8663 DSC_8676 DSC_8679 DSC_8681 DSC_8684 DSC_8687 DSC_8689 DSC_8696 DSC_8701 DSC_8710 DSC_8713 DSC_8715 DSC_8727 DSC_8729 DSC_8731 DSC_8735



Xox, Andreea.


Family photo session

We are getting ready for our first weekend away without the baby. It is one of those milestones that I feel we have to reach, but I am not sure how ready I am. I sometimes think six months is too soon for me to leave him, but in the same time I know that I will never be ready for this. So we are doing it and hopefully all goes well and he has fun with his grandma and uncle for 2 days. Us on the other hand we’ll try to enjoy Paris and sleep late in the morning. Ah, that sounds nice now.

Also, I am wrapping my first week of being back to work (only 3 days a week for now). It was hard the first day but as soon as I started getting into things at work I remembered that I like my job. And that being there is something I chose for myself and my family and that it makes me happy. I am very lucky to have great colleagues and as long as Luca is happy, we are going to rock our new routine.

I leave you with a few pictures we did back for Easter when we had Luca’s christening in Romania. The photographer we worked with, Vasi Vasut, took these amazing pictures that I love to share with you.

Luca_488 Luca_491 Luca_496 Luca_497 Luca_503 Luca_504 Luca_506 Luca_512 Luca_513 Luca_514 Luca_518 Luca_519 Luca_524 Luca_533 Luca_537 Luca_540 Luca_541



Summer bedroom essentials


What is better then a good night’s sleep? Since Luca joined our family we learned the importance of a good night’s sleep, especially since in the first 5 months of his life, we slept only a few hours at the time. So I started to be much more aware of my bedtime routine and the way our bedroom looks and feels. A good book on my bedside table, my fav scented hand moisturiser and a clean set of sheets are my ultimate sleep enablers. With summer almost here I decided to shop for new bedding since I got a bit tired of the same Ikea decor.

White is always my colour of choice and for summer I like to mix white with blue or another softer colour. I love Zara’s Contrasting Bed Linen  and the Parachute Duvet Cover in Ash.


I am also loving the all navy look. The Parachute Venice set is one of my favourites since it is in Egyptian Cotton and I would love to pair it with a neutral colour as well, something like the Parachute Sheets in Ash.


I would also love to try a linen blend bed set, that I think is perfect for warmer weather. My choices are the Parachute Linen Blend Duvet Set – Sea and Zara’s Contrasting Linen Bed Set.


Hope I inspired you to make the most of your night’s sleep.