Christmas decorations

I believe one of the best things about Christmas are also the decorations. They help us create the hole scenery that gets us in the festive mood. Every year I am amazed with the beautiful things you can find around the city. This weekend, we spent a very nice day in Luzern and we finished the day in Einsiedeln where besides the beautiful monastery, we also got to experience another Christmas market, so popular this time of year.

Our dining table decoration

Christmas Cookies that you can buy at every market. 
Should I even say how delicious and addictive they are?!

Window display in a decoration store in Luzern

Aren’t they just precious? I so want them in my tree…

 The Einsiedeln Kloster, a very beautiful place worth a visit during this time of the year


Life lately

It has been a very nice period for us. We had my parents over for a week almost a month ago and now Traian’s Mum is here. We love having family over since we don’t get to see them every day so often and the time we spend together is always very precious. Also when we have guests we get to travel a bit around and play tourists. Unfortunately with winter upon us, walking around in the cold is not always fun. But luckily for us there are a lot of nice coffee places where we can sip a warm cup of tea or, my favorite, a capuccino.

2 of my work outfits this past week
 2 inspirational quotes sent by my great cousin, Paula 

Remembering the last days of autumn 

My parents
Traian and his Mum
Our boots with a present from Saint Nicholas