Our holiday in Madeira

We had an absolute blast in Madeira for our one week stay. Same as last year, we took a parents holidays, while Luca stayed with my parents in Romania. It works out very well for our family since Luca gets to bond more with his grandparents and we get to enjoy some much needed time alone.

Madeira is just breathtaking, with the ocean on one side and the green hills on the other. It is not your typical beach holiday since there is less sand and more rocks. For us this was not an issue, we do love laying on the beach, no doubt about it, but we prefer to sightsee, to walk around and to stay by the pool for a day or two. The infinity pool was not too big, but it offered the perfect view of the ocean.

The hotel was really nice. It was probably one of the best choices in hotels we did in a while. Thanks to Travelettes for recommending it, it was the best!

To move around the island, we rented a car via the hotel. The roads are mostly hills so you need a car with something of an engine to be able to get by without having a nervous breakdown.

We had the best meals at the following restaurants that were recommended by a local.

Santo Antonio, for the best meat

Polo Norte for the best fish

La Planka, stunning view and very good food

Snack Bar A Pipa, Porto da Cruz, ate the best fish here as well

We did a hike one of the days to Vereda dos Balcoes and since it was morning and in the woods, it was a bit chilli so I put on all the summer clothes I had with me and ended up looking like a crazy person. We met the sweetest old lady that was knitting hats and I got one for Luca.

The natural pools that are built with water from the ocean are a great experience. Spent a few hours there enjoying the sun and the water.

Cabo Girao had the most spectacular view




Trip to NYC – bar and restaurants

One simply can’t go to NYC and not take advantage of all the restaurants and bars that this city has to offer. Everyone that knows New York said that it is hard to go wrong in NYC about food since the standards are pretty high and new yorkers love to eat out. The first few days we played it safe and only went to places that we knew were good, but one day we decided that we would try also places that we had never heard about. And we were not disappointed. We had amazing Korean food one day and in the last day we tasted another Asian speciality bowl from a Brooklyn street food place. So my advice is to let your senses guide you and try new places out as well.

Here are the ones we loves and recommend:

Kats deli – the iconic place that serves the best meats and where the famous orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally was filmed.

Stanton social – American tapas, all was very good. Try the chicken and waffels.

The Standard Grill – good for Oysters but not only.

Black tap Burger – there is a queue at the entry, best burger and leave some room for the milkshakes.

Chelsea Market – best lobster and sushi.

Boom Boom Room – rooftop bar, very good for cocktails.

K-Bab Korean – Korean food.

Magnolia Bakery– famous from Sex and the city, very good cupcakes.


DSC_2128 DSC_2129 DSC_2130 DSC_2397 DSC_2400 DSC_2401 DSC_2403 DSC_2410 DSC_2412 DSC_2424





Trip to New York City

We are back from our 2 weeks holiday. It was intense to say the least. For the first week Luca stayed with my parents at their house in the country side, and we took off to NYC for 6 days. It was pleasant to have the time to enjoy a new city, to get to spend time with my husband, to have a few cocktails on the amazing rooftops of NYC and eat out. We missed the little one so much but still I am glad that we did it. He is happiest with us around I have no doubt about it, but he enjoyed his time with his grandparents a lot. He was outdoors a lot, got to feed the chickens and he had my parents dog as his pet plus he got to bond with the rest of my family there. Overall a great experience for us all that I hope we can repeat in the following years.

Nyc for us was amazing. We got to do pretty much all that was on our list: museums and sightseeing, shopping and see a Broadway show. NYC is incredible and you feel it just takes you in. I sometimes think I was in dream because Nyc is such an iconic city especially if you grew up watching american movies and TV series. Being in the city felt like going back to a movie set sometimes, since the city has been featured in so many shows. Also it is so different for any European city that I am used to. Too crowded and dirty for my taste,  full of life, restaurants, cool spots to hang out and take in the life as a New Yorker or at least pretend for a few days that you are able to channel the NYC state of mind.

In summary here are the main things we got to do:

We took the hop-on hop-off bus that gave us the opportunity to cruise the city and see all the major attraction points. Also because you have a tour guide you get to find out things that normally you would miss about the city.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must see. We took a quick tour, had lunch at the café inside and I got to sit on the stairs at the MET like they do in the movies.

MOMA was another cultural stop and we spend a couple of hours there as well. I loved the garden outside.

We managed to get tickets to see The book of Mormon on Broadway and it was the best experience from NYC for me. It’s a must see if you get a chance, funny, witty and it translates very well into what we are living nowadays worldwide with religion.

If you are in NYC and are not afraid of heights then you will most likely go up on a skyscraper. I would have been happy with seeing only one since we already were living at the 36th floor on Wall Street but hubby wanted to take pics from other rooftops as well. The One Tower that was built after nine eleven, it’s the highest building in the world currently. The view is indeed spectacular and they have a restaurant and bar there as well. Then there is the iconic Observation Center at the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building, both spectacular.

Central Park, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Chelsea and the Village were perfect for walking and taking in the pulse and atmosphere of the city. We went to Times Square first at 7 am since we were up really early the first few days (thanks to jet lag) and it was great since there were barely a few people.

DSC_1953 DSC_1961 DSC_1964 DSC_1977 DSC_1984 DSC_2000 DSC_2026 DSC_2041 DSC_2050 DSC_2075 DSC_2079

DSC_2093 DSC_2098 DSC_2104 DSC_2110 DSC_2120 DSC_2133 DSC_2152 DSC_2154 DSC_2156 DSC_2168 DSC_2178 DSC_2191

Cuban holiday

I am so excited to finally share with you a few pictures from our magnificent Cuban holiday. Because we didn’t plan this through very well and we kind of did everything last minute, we didn’t manage to book a holiday in Havana since nearly everything there was already booked, so we decided to go to Holguin area.

As I am sure you all know that Cuba is one of the few communist countries left in the world, I strongly believe that things will change soon para los Cubanos. Maybe the embargo will be lifted and they will have access to outside technology and all other things that we take for granted every day.

We took a ride from our resort to the city centre of Holguin (the 3rd biggest city in Cuba) in an old American Chevrolet 50. Thank God, it had air conditioning otherwise I would be a baked human now :)). The city was hot and dusty, the unbearable heat made everyone feel powerless. The Cubans are nice people and we didn’t feel unsafe for a second. The streets are narrow and everywhere you look you see old-school Buicks, Pontiacs and Ford cars, colourful town houses and Spanish colonial buildings. After strolling around the city and doing a bit of shopping in a local market we decided it was time to have a Cuban coffee and try one of their well known cigars.

Travelling to Cuba was like travelling back in time, the roads are like a rolling car museum, the colonial houses are even older than the cars and you can hear cha-cha music everywhere. My advice to you: Step back in time before it’s too late!DSC_0084 DSC_0110 DSC_0139 DSC_0162 DSC_0174 DSC_0198 DSC_0215 File 20-06-2016, 19 15 56 File 20-06-2016, 19 21 38

I am wearing: Zara dress, old but similar here 

Castaner shoes 

Prada byo bag, old but similar here


Lucca in Black and White

While in Tuscany we made a day trip to Lucca, a historic city that is absolutely gorgeous and that carries the name of our son. We previously saw it, 2 years ago when Traian and I did another trip to Italy and I remember thinking that if I will ever have a son, I would like for him to be named Luca. Fast forward and here we were with Luca at 9 months in the city that has the same name. We took all the pictures in black and white since they seem to capture better the charm of this beautiful city. We had a nice lunch and then wandered the streets where sometimes only one person could fit.

DSC_9712 DSC_9714 DSC_9716 DSC_9719 DSC_9721 DSC_9725 DSC_9732 DSC_9733 DSC_9737 DSC_9740 DSC_9741 DSC_9747 DSC_9754 DSC_9758 DSC_9759 DSC_9761 DSC_9762 DSC_9770 DSC_9776



Our holiday in Tuscany

DSC_9433 DSC_9485 DSC_9489 DSC_9490 DSC_9502 DSC_9530 DSC_9554 DSC_9555 DSC_9559 DSC_9571 DSC_9579 DSC_9585 DSC_9589 DSC_9604 DSC_9607 DSC_9615 DSC_9618 DSC_9622 DSC_9670 DSC_9688 DSC_9702 DSC_9706 DSC_9709

One week already since we got back from our holiday in Tuscany. It went so fast that week and I feel like I am constantly running out of time. Work is crazy, Luca is growing so fast and the time I spend with him seems so not enough. I hate complaining about how busy my life is so I won’t do it. I will instead share with you all the positive things that come out from my days. And our holiday was the perfect summary of any parent’s life. We travelled and saw new places, we slept but hardly enough, we laugh, we cried, we ate good food, we got sick and we shared everything with the people we love. Yes, not your normal holiday in the sense that you relax and slow down, but nevertheless our first holiday with Luca. I remember the pictures from the holidays we took with my parents and the memories are so precious, so hopefully we can offer that to our son, good times that we will look back to fondly.

Seeing Tuscany was always on our wish list. We rented a villa and together with 2 other couples we spend a week there. We had a pool and being by car we took day trips in the region. The tuscan sun was kind with us and we had some lovely temperatures so that we even went one day to the beach. The pictures above are from Siena and San Gimignano, a small village where we had a wine tasting.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a good week.

xox, Andreea



A two week road trip with a baby

We are back from our marathon holiday. We literally spent the last 2 weeks on the road, in total we stayed at 4 hotels plus our parents houses. It was hectic, but it was much better then I expected. Luca was incredibly nice and he adjusted to all the changes we threw at him. First it was the road trip from Zurich to Romania, in total a 16 h drive. We split it in half and slept one night in Vienna which is exactly in the middle. The trick was to leave early enough in the morning so that Luca would sleep in the car. Since he still eats once a night we left after his night feed. On the road we would stop to feed him and spend around an hour playing with him. Then he would sleep for an hour and then it was time to play in the car. Having new toys helped and when that was not enough I did take him in my arms just for him to stretch. Overall Luca was a happy traveller and seemed to enjoy the ride. It was a good lesson for me to not worry that much and a very good reminder that babies don’t need much to be happy. As long as their primary needs are satisfied (eat, sleep and play) they are great.

We were crazy tired, but it was all worth it since Luca got to meet all his family and our dear friends. I was a bit worried of how he would react to meeting and spending time with so many people at once. But he enjoyed the attention and I have to say that taking this trip when he was 4 months old was the best thing ever. It is the age when they start to be very aware of what goes around them but they still have some of the newborn characteristics, like napping for long hours in the car.

During our journey we also did his christening. It was a very nice celebration that gathered all our close family and friends. I can’t wait to share the photos.

But for now I only have the photos from my phone from the last 2 weeks. You will notice a lot of selfies and pictures from our hotel rooms.


Happy to be back home and to enjoy spring in our area.

xoxo, Andreea



Travel – Catalina Island

I woke up today a bit later than usual and had the nostalgia of sunny days. I was daydreaming about the warm summer days and the feeling of walking on a sandy beach. Normally this would have left me feeling sad. but when I think of how much our life and holidays are going to change, I just feel excited and happy. So what if now is November and is cloudy and dark outside?! We still have the memories from our last June beach gateway. I did some digging and found some pictures from our one day trip to Catalina Island from the Dominican Republic. It was one of those days that started with some clouds and then it turned into this beautiful sunny day. Kinda like November days where we live now, foggy most mornings, but by noon the sun shows up, just to remind you that he is there and that he has not forgot you.

A selection of a few pictures from Catalina island. Daydreaming Monday it is!

Cloudy morning in the harbor.


And then the sky cleared and the Caribbean waters were in full color



DSC_2097 DSC_2088 DSC_2211 DSC_2185 DSC_2175 DSC_2171 DSC_2158 DSC_2151 DSC_2139 DSC_2118 DSC_2101 DSC_2200

I wish you a great week! Smile and the sun will shine no matter what!

xo, Andreea!


Holiday tradition

During our last holiday we made a habit of getting up really early (no alarm clock needed thanks to jet lag) and head on to the beach to see the sunrise. It was the best time of the day. The beach was so quiet, only a few people here and there and you could feel that the view can’t get better then that. I loved those mornings and I would always have Traian take pictures so that we keep this memories forever. Here are a few snapshots from these mornings.

And as a side note, we are off to Italy for a long weekend. We will be staying in the area of Lago di Garda making a stop in Milan and Verona. Have you been to the area? Any recommendations?


DSC_1781 DSC_1779 DSC_1775

DSC_1689 DSC_1693 DSC_1824 DSC_1956 DSC_1971 DSC_1979

Have a great week ahead!

xo, Andreea!

Ps: If you want to read more about our holiday in Punta Cana.

Beach Wear

When I am on holidays there are no rules, I try to leave behind the planning and just focus on relaxing and making the best of memories (well this already sounds like a plan, but let’s pretend…). What I choose to wear follows the same logic, being comfortable, sticking mostly to basics while not forgetting the accessories: hat and sunglasses. I love long shirts, summer dresses or simply a long T-shirt for a day at the beach. This year I also went for a kimono from H&M that proved to be very effective now that I am pregnant (no sun for my baby bump).

In what my hair is concerned, it usually does not get much attention during the holidays. It is either in a bun, pony tail or a braided tail covered by a sun hat. And in our last holiday because of the humidity there was no point in even trying to make something out of it. It was mostly messy, like in the pictures below. Makeup wise, suncream protection between SPF 30 and 50 all day and night and just some lipstick to keep the lips hydrated. For dinner I would usually make more of an effort but still keep the casual look intact. Here are some pictures from Punta Cana, if you would like to see.

DSC_1715 DSC_1722 DSC_1728 DSC_1732DSC_1736 DSC_1788 DSC_1790 DSC_1800 DSC_1849 DSC_1853 DSC_1855 DSC_1907 DSC_1949 DSC_1953

What I am wearing: White dress old from H&M, similar here ,

Mango blue dress, old but similar here, here and here ,

H&M kimono not available online.

Slippers found in Zara Home similar to these ones,

Panama hat and Miu Miu sunglases.