Little things

I just put Luca down for his midday nap and while sipping my coffee, I am reviewing our week. It was a good one for our little family. Luca had the first full week at daycare and he is very much getting settled into the routine over there. He now has his first tooth (that I still haven’t managed to get a good picture of)  and has a favourite song: Little Lion Man (how cool is this title) from Mumford & Sons. When we play it for him he will start smiling and dancing in his high chair…hilarious and so sweet.

Being back to work, but still being able to enjoy the little moments with this little family of mine, means I am doing something right. My mantra lately is to focus on the now and not rush things. Not always possible or easy to do but each day is a new beginning and can be better than the last.

Keep positive my dears and have a lovely weekend!

And a few pictures from the last weeks.


Xox, Andreea!



Books to read this summer

I always have a list of books that I want to read. Do I get to read all of them? No, of course not, but let’s hope that in this lifetime I will find the time to read more. I remember the time when reading was my only job. As a French Literature Major I had to read all the classics. Oh, student days! Since we are planning our holiday I thought I will get out the list and see what I can add to it. What about you? Do you guys have time to read? If so, do you have any recommendations?


Source: here

Ever since I read one of Botton’s first novels, Essays in Love, I loved his writing and perspective on human behaviour. I really want to dig in more into his work and Romantic Movement:Sex Shopping and the Novel and On love look very interesting. Have you read them?

Jonathan Tropper’s novel sounds like a family affair story that I would love to read.


I like a novel that revolves around a woman and The Summer of France has that plus the French background.

I loved Gone Girl and Luckiest Girl Alive  is suppose to be the next big thing. I heard it directly from the horse’s month, in this case Reese Witherspoon (yes, we are Instagram pals 🙂 that is going to turn it into a movie with her production company (the same that was behind Gone Girl).

Did you read any of them? Any other holiday reads that you have in mind?




Family photo session

We are getting ready for our first weekend away without the baby. It is one of those milestones that I feel we have to reach, but I am not sure how ready I am. I sometimes think six months is too soon for me to leave him, but in the same time I know that I will never be ready for this. So we are doing it and hopefully all goes well and he has fun with his grandma and uncle for 2 days. Us on the other hand we’ll try to enjoy Paris and sleep late in the morning. Ah, that sounds nice now.

Also, I am wrapping my first week of being back to work (only 3 days a week for now). It was hard the first day but as soon as I started getting into things at work I remembered that I like my job. And that being there is something I chose for myself and my family and that it makes me happy. I am very lucky to have great colleagues and as long as Luca is happy, we are going to rock our new routine.

I leave you with a few pictures we did back for Easter when we had Luca’s christening in Romania. The photographer we worked with, Vasi Vasut, took these amazing pictures that I love to share with you.

Luca_488 Luca_491 Luca_496 Luca_497 Luca_503 Luca_504 Luca_506 Luca_512 Luca_513 Luca_514 Luca_518 Luca_519 Luca_524 Luca_533 Luca_537 Luca_540 Luca_541



The Little Things

Guys, I am wrapping my final week as a stay at home Mom. I am retuning to work on Monday for only a few days a week and I feel so weird. I am not ready for this new chapter but again what woman is?! I will just have to figure everything out as we go along. But let’s focus on the weekend first. My mother is visiting and as it happens this weekend Zurich has another edition of the Street Food Festival. So I guess you know where we will be.

Here are some pictures from this past week. It’s all about the little things. Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

You know it is Spring when peonies are everywhere.

The best roast beef sandwich in Zurich can be found in front of Globus on Bahnhofstrasse. I absolutely love it.



My Mom felling knackered after one of our walks. Luca on the other hand was quite bored with the hole thing.



His new favourite playground is a carton box. Who said babies need much to be entertained? He spends hours in there.


Perfecting our selfie game as a family during our day trip to Luzern.



xox, Andreea



10 things I wish I’d known before becoming a Mom.


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As a first time Mom most of the time you will feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the change in your life, by the amount of new information it is thrown at you, by the love for this tiny human being and the list can go on. Now that 6 months have passed since I took on the role of a Mom, I asked myself what could have helped me to make this period easier. And here are the things I wish I’d known before becoming a fist time mom:

Most babies don’t sleep through the night in the first 6 months or the first year for that matter. Yes, some babies do sleep for 12 hours in a row but they are the exception, not the rule. You can try different methods, and it will happen eventually just don’t expect it to happen because you read somewhere that babies can do that. I read so much about sleep training and babies routines that I was expecting Luca to sleep all night by 3 months (also everyone with a baby around seemed to had mastered some kind of technique to get their little ones to sleep through the night). And when that did not happen for us I was sure I was doing something wrong, especially since everyone around was asking how he is sleeping. But after a few days of soul searching I realised that the pressure I was putting on myself was not doing us any good. Instead I started being more focused on making sure Luca was receiving all the love and the support he needed to sleep well for as long as he wanted (sometimes an hour, sometimes three or four). And in the end it paid off since he is napping like a champion and sleeping very well through the night.

Your body will surprise you and it won’t be for the worst. After I got pregnant and the weight was increasing I feared what will happen to my body after I gave birth. Will I ever look good again? Will I lose the weight after I give birth? How long before I will feel like myself? Well, to my surprise, the weight went away and my body recovered well after pregnancy and giving birth.

Giving birth is hard, but it’s not as bad as some people portray it to be. No matter how you chose to bring the child into the world (c-section, epidural or all natural) know that it is something that will pass and it won’t be the worst thing you had to endure in your life. (You can read my birth story here).

Breastfeeding might be all natural, but it also can be very challenging and not possible for everyone. This was my biggest disappointment as a new Mom, not being able to breastfeed my baby. I had so high hopes about this and I remember even dreaming one night before I gave birth how my child was grabbing my breast. Well, that did not happen and I had a few days of hell trying to figure out what to do. Also pumping can be painful and exhausting.

The first 3 months with your baby are the biggest challenge and are when you learn so much about you and your child. So be patient and when you feel hopeless remember that this too shall pass and better days will come. This was actually my mantra in the first months.

Nobody is safe from post partum depression. Even though I did not experience what you would call post partum depression, I am sure I was very close to one. It is important to know and be aware of the signs and if you feel alone, remember that you are not and talk to your dear ones about it.

Friends with babies are going to be on your speed dial from now on. They know a lot by now and they might be very resourceful. Keep them close!

Having help is not overrated. I used to think that after I give birth I will be able to do it all by myself. That was not the case at all, and besides the support from my husband, I also appreciated the help from my mother. If I could have afford it, I would have hired a full time nurse for the first weeks, especially since we don’t have family here.

Your sleep routine will change to the point that when you will sleep five or six hours in a row you will think that something is wrong. I always thought about myself that I was unable to function normally without my 8 hours of sleep. Well, I was wrong. Maybe you can’t climb mount Everest, but you get to do what needs to be done. And you get used to it and life goes on. Easy, ha?

With a child comes joy, happiness and a new life. Also a new kind of love that you have never experienced before. And the best part is that this love grows bigger and bigger every day. I am sure this is one of the reasons why people have more than one child. Also had I know these feelings before, probably I would have started earlier on having kids.

And some pictures with my sweetheart from yesterday when he turned 6 months old.

DSC_6303 DSC_6306 DSC_6355



Mother’s Day

My first year celebrating Mother’s Day! It is just so surreal to think that for almost 6 months now I have been learning to be a Mum to the most amazing baby boy. Every second I spend with him I get how incredible lucky and blessed I am. Being a Mum is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you Luca for allowing me to grow with you! I hope all you mamas out there had a great day!

And now some awesome pictures with the most amazing t-shirts we got when Luca was born from his godparents.

DSC_6174 DSC_6179 DSC_6218 DSC_6221DSC_6204DSC_6207


Luca’s Christening

Luca was baptised as a christian on the 13th of April which coincided with the Easter Monday for the Orthodox church. It was a nice day and we were extremely blessed to have friends and family sharing the day with us. Luca was not particularly happy during the ceremony and the reason for that was that it was nap time. His nap schedule was all messed up because of the travelling so there was no way I could have planned his little meltdown. But the good thing was that after the ceremony he slept well and when it was picture time with all the guests he was an angel. Thank you again to all our friends and family! You mean the world to us!

It was a very happy day that I will remember with joy. We made quite some memories that I will gladly share with our Luca someday. But until that day arrives, here are some picture from the day.


I am extremely glad that we hired a professional photographer. He is the best we worked with and I love the pictures. For the reception, we did some super cute arrangements. It was all last minute, but I am grateful for the talented people that worked with us.

Luca_090 Luca_094 Luca_102 Luca_106 Luca_165 Luca_170 Luca_384Luca_093 Luca_095 Luca_097 Luca_100

A big thank to the photographer, Vasi Vasut, and to Corina from Fabrica de Cadouri who helped us with the little details that made such a big difference.



PS: I wore a PNK Casual lace dress for the church ceremony.


A two week road trip with a baby

We are back from our marathon holiday. We literally spent the last 2 weeks on the road, in total we stayed at 4 hotels plus our parents houses. It was hectic, but it was much better then I expected. Luca was incredibly nice and he adjusted to all the changes we threw at him. First it was the road trip from Zurich to Romania, in total a 16 h drive. We split it in half and slept one night in Vienna which is exactly in the middle. The trick was to leave early enough in the morning so that Luca would sleep in the car. Since he still eats once a night we left after his night feed. On the road we would stop to feed him and spend around an hour playing with him. Then he would sleep for an hour and then it was time to play in the car. Having new toys helped and when that was not enough I did take him in my arms just for him to stretch. Overall Luca was a happy traveller and seemed to enjoy the ride. It was a good lesson for me to not worry that much and a very good reminder that babies don’t need much to be happy. As long as their primary needs are satisfied (eat, sleep and play) they are great.

We were crazy tired, but it was all worth it since Luca got to meet all his family and our dear friends. I was a bit worried of how he would react to meeting and spending time with so many people at once. But he enjoyed the attention and I have to say that taking this trip when he was 4 months old was the best thing ever. It is the age when they start to be very aware of what goes around them but they still have some of the newborn characteristics, like napping for long hours in the car.

During our journey we also did his christening. It was a very nice celebration that gathered all our close family and friends. I can’t wait to share the photos.

But for now I only have the photos from my phone from the last 2 weeks. You will notice a lot of selfies and pictures from our hotel rooms.


Happy to be back home and to enjoy spring in our area.

xoxo, Andreea




A quick coffee run

We are big fans of coffee at our house. And honestly it is one of the incentives of getting up in the mornings when I am way too tired (Luca makes sure that I don’t get enough sleep). So whenever we have a moment to ourselves me and hubby either enjoy a cup at home or we make a coffee run in the city. We take Luca along of course and this past Sunday he was the sweetest boy, playing in his stroller while we chatted and enjoyed our coffee. It was a 45 minutes thing but it made our day since it reminded us of the things we love and that are still doable with a baby.

We took some pictures in the parking lot since it was raining and we did not take the raining cover for his pram. Luckily the coffee place was right outside the parking lot.



I am wearing: Zara coat and jeans (old), Converse white sneakers, Kenzo scarf, Celine handbag

xo, Andreea

Ps: Happy Easter and long weekend! We are at our parents for the next 2 weeks.


Baby Talk: 4 months old

Luca turned 4 months last week. I am still having an Awww moment every time I realise the special bond I have with him. We are the luckiest people in the world to have him in our lives. As any proud mamma out there I want to memorise every moment with him. So here is a list of his favourite activities at this age:

Playing: He likes toys especially the ones that can fit into his mouth. Everything goes into his mouth, from a simple napkin to a chewing toy. He sometimes gets nervous when he can’t put in his mouth the suspended toys from the activity mat. He is very much into us making funny faces and talking to him. He laughs and smiles every time I sing or talk to him and that just makes me fall even more in love with him.

Cuddling: He loves to cuddle and I am so happy because he makes this sweet little noise whenever I cover him in kisses, which happens all day and during the night when he is awake.

Sitting: He loves to sit up either between pillows or in our arms. He has a favourite position in his Dad’s arms, that he is very fond of, especially in the evenings. It’s like he is sitting in an armchair, he looks so comfy and happy. If he is cranky, his Dad would hold him, sing their special song while looking in the mirror. This calms him every time. We have tummy time and he is enjoying it more and more.

Sleeping: He wakes me up several times a night, either because his pacifier is not in his mouth, either because he is hungry. I still feed him once a night. By now I am used to being up sometimes every hour, and I really don’t mind it. I know he will sleep well eventually and I try to focus on the fact that he needs me now and I love being there for him. I keep thinking how comforting is to have someone there for you when you can’t fall asleep. I just hope that one day, soon enough, he will let me enjoy a full night sleep. We are working on that, so fingers crossed.

Eating: He is very much aware of the bottle and what it is for. Every time we feed him we show it to him and he just opens his mouth in expectation. We are going to start solid food as of next month since he seems more and more ready for more food. We have him sit with us at dinner time so he can watch us eat. I am hoping that when the time will come for him to see a spoon coming towards him, he will know what it is for and he will eat.

And some pictures of the little man since he turned 4 months.




xox, Andreea.