The Little Things

Guys, I am wrapping my final week as a stay at home Mom. I am retuning to work on Monday for only a few days a week and I feel so weird. I am not ready for this new chapter but again what woman is?! I will just have to figure everything out as we go along. But let’s focus on the weekend first. My mother is visiting and as it happens this weekend Zurich has another edition of the Street Food Festival. So I guess you know where we will be.

Here are some pictures from this past week. It’s all about the little things. Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

You know it is Spring when peonies are everywhere.

The best roast beef sandwich in Zurich can be found in front of Globus on Bahnhofstrasse. I absolutely love it.



My Mom felling knackered after one of our walks. Luca on the other hand was quite bored with the hole thing.



His new favourite playground is a carton box. Who said babies need much to be entertained? He spends hours in there.


Perfecting our selfie game as a family during our day trip to Luzern.



xox, Andreea



Friday concert mood on!

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Quick update from my world! I am over the moon with excitement since today we are going to see Robbie Williams in concert. Do you like Robbie? I have been dreaming of this concert ever since I was a teenager and I have the highest expectations…Robbie, no pressure! 🙂 I even have my look picked out! Check it out!

Also I will be posting photos and maybe even a short video on my Instagram page. If you are not a follower yet, go here.


Friday Mindset

Yesterday was Switzerland’s National Day and we made a trip to Seeli Lake near Luzern. Like always, we were amazed by how beautiful the scenery is. If you are ever in doubt in which season to visit Switzerland, don’t be! It’s definitely in Summer time that this country blooms and looks its best. And today is our favourite weekday and I am already feeling so happy. Any plans for this weekend? I am having a day to myself in the city on Saturday while Traian is at a work thing. And in the evening, it’s sushi time with friends. So looking forward to that! And now, my latest obsessions.

You know how every summer there is a song that you can’t stop listening to. Well this summer, is this one. So addictive!

Look at these historic Vogue covers. I searched the one from the month and year when I was born and I am not impressed, but so cool to relieve the 80s and the 90s.

Orange nails are my absolute favourites during summer time. This shade seems to be perfect.

One table setting that caught my eye.

Summer essentials by Garance.


Friday Mindset

Hello my fellow grown ups! Do you feel sometimes like Peter Pan? I do, especially somedays when I know I have a tough day ahead of me. But then something cool happens and everything just fits perfectly together and tadaaaa (trumpet sound) it is Friday. Everything falls into place. Like today, when we will end the week with after work drinks and then tomorrow we’ll drive to Milan to meet some close friends. Looking forward to an Italian weekend with good food, good weather and good company.
1. In love with loafers. So colourful and easy to wear. 
2. Who here absolutely loves this jacket?
3. The perfect time to have a picnic is now. Some inspiration from this picture. 
Source: 1,2,3
I am dying to know the smell of this perfume after I read this. Who’s with me? 
And the royal baby is here and we have a name. The reactions George Costantza from Seinfeld had to the name. So funny!
Here are some tips for someone who wants to get in shape
Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday Mindset

What is your level of coolness these days? You don’t have to answer that, just be cool! This seems to be the perfect attitude bust for this weekend. We are travelling home to see our parents and we will spend a few days by the beach and a few days in the countryside. We can’t wait to see our families and our dear friends especially since we have’t been home this year yet. Good and happy times! Here is the list to kick off the weekend. And remember: Just be cool!

1. I love this pair of sandals. Black and classy, perfect for office hours and not only.

2. Want to know what famous eyeglasses you wear? I am  wearing the same style as Audrey Hepburn and I love that.

3. This T-shirt is very cool.

4. A recipe for Eton Mess that I can’t wait to try. Be aware, it is in French.

5. I have a feeling I already told you about this workout… In case you missed it, here it is the scientific 7 minutes workout. I like it.

6. I am still thinking about Mad Men season finale. I believe it was the best season yet. If you still haven’t started watching it, you’d better start. It is that good!


Friday Mindset

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It’s holiday season and everyone is either going away or planning to go away. It is such a great feeling to know that you can explore while having fun and being relaxed. That’s why this Dalai Lama quote seems so appropriate. It makes me think of all the new experiences that we can have. Besides being holiday season, June and July are also the months of big shopping sales. So if you are looking for a good bargain now is the time to get it. I have planned a shopping expedition tomorrow in Stuttgart, Germany in order to make the most of the summer sales.

1. I like Isabel Marrant creations and when I read that she is designing a special collection for H&M I was beyond excited. I have high hopes for this collaboration.

2. These Tory Burch flats are so cool. I only wish they were still available…

3. Here are 3 styles for wet hair since we are all going to take a dive this summer.

4. Perfect book for a beach read, The Help.

5. I made a raspberry tart last weekend and it was delicious. I tried to reduce the sugar as mush as possible and to use whole grain flour. I adapted this recipe.

6. Wondering how to get a killer posterior? Here is a good workout.

Have a blast this weekend!


Friday Mindset

How many times did we use the phrase “I have nothing to wear”? One too many times, if you ask me. I love the fact that we can have different styles everyday, if we chose to. It makes being a woman so much more fun and it gives us the freedom to express ourselves by playing with our clothes. So what are you supposed to be today? Well since is Friday, I go for being happy and looking forward to our weekend. We have no plans, which means that I will probably get to the gym early Saturday morning and then maybe hit the town since all the shops have big sales on. Have a nice weekend, friends!

1. I am currently in the looking for the perfect white capri pants. Don’t they just make the perfect look?

2. Flower arrangements are a new obsession of mine and I have found a few here that are just gorgeous.

3. I love stilettos, I would only wear that if I could and the Pink Laboutin from the picture are just dreamy. New York Times has an interesting article about designer shoes and their prices, if you are interested.

4. I made the salad in the picture the other night and it was so refreshing after a hot summer day. Baked potatoes in skin with green asparagus, red lentils, fresh cherry tomatoes and avocado on top. Seasoned with olive oil and rosemary. We served it with a nice glass of white wine.

5. On my reading list, the graphic novel, Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi.

6. A workout that will help you tone your arms.

Happy Friday!


Weekend Mindset

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How cool is this quote? No better time than the weekend to live the life that inspires us and others. I am going to see Alicia Keys in concert tonight and I am so looking to hear the girl sing live. Tomorrow we have planned a hike to one of the lakes in our area, since we have wonderful weather for the next few days. And if you happen to be just chillin’ today, I have a few links for you to look at. Have an inspiring weekend, friends!

1. On my reading list are quite a few books, but now I have my mind set up on Alain de Botton. I want to start with the Art of Travel. Have you read it?

2. I am always looking for new ways to style my hair, especially since I love a ponytail. Putting a bow on a wavy ponytail looks so nice. I want to try it!

3. Pencil skirts are so easy to wear and this look reminds me just that. Lately I have been wearing mostly dresses and pants, but I think is time to go back to skirts.

4. These DAD cookies are perfect to make your dad know how much he means to you. Perfect for Fathers Day, but also for any normal day to remind your dad how special he is.

5. Healthy detox salad, to make your regular salad so yummy.

6. I have been training pretty regularly for a while now and I love it. And because I want to avoid getting bored by the same exercises I have found this 20 minutes fat burning training that might be worth trying. Who’s with me?


Friday Mindset

It’s barbecue season and we are about to have the first one this year at the house. Nothing better for ending your week, if you ask me. Tomorrow I have planned to spend most of the day in Zurich, getting my hair done and meeting a friend. In the evening we are going to have a small gathering at another friends house, enjoying a few drinks and having some laughs. So relaxing weekend ahead for us. I hope you have a good one as well. If you are in Zurich you might want to check the Bazaar tomorrow at Stall 6.

Some fun facts about Americans.

How to cook grilled artichokes? I am definitely giving this recipe a try.

I love this look very much and the Celine bag is on my wish list.

Cuffed jeans with statement shoes are something I could wear everyday.

Summer is all about fresh drinks. My favourite in summer time is Aperol Spritz, but I would not say no to this mojito.

Carries Bradshaw best fashion moments. This just confirms the urge I have to see the show again for the gazillion time.

A new shopping website. I want to give it a try. Let me know if you know it.

And the inspirational quote of the week. Enjoy!

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Friday Mindset – Blogs of the Hive

Ok it’s Friday again and I just realised that it is also the end of May and summer is still not here. This is a bit depressing for summer enthusiasts like me. Honestly how can it be that we are already entering the sixth month of this year?  Until I get over my time shock, I put together a list of blogs that I discovered by attending the Hive last weekend. There are a lot of creative minds out there and meeting some of them was really awesome. It made me realise once again that creativity is something you can grow and discover within yourself, similar to your style. And is never too late you let yourself be and embrace your passion. So hey to being creative!

The two ladies from Hauptstadtmutti were really cool and their website about stylish mums from the streets of Berlin is lovely.

If you need travel advice, or just a simple dose of travel inspiration, then I recommend Travelettes. It focuses on the travel needs of us ladies, since apparently 80% of the travel decisions are made by women. Something I learned today from here.

A blog about museums, who would have thought? Well Jenny, that loves museums and decided to write about her passion on Museum Diary. It was just amazing to see someone so passioned and enthusiast about what they do.

The decorations at the Hive were done by the lovely Lauren from Folies du Bonheur.

Finding balance in our every day life is so crucial that we had a interesting talk with Luisa from the The Wednesday Chef about it. That is how I found out that multitasking is so overrated and that if you organise your time a bit, you might just have a chance to enjoy every day much more.

Ailine takes the best food pictures you have seen. And it is not even about the picture, but about the food, on her blog, Aicuisine.

Scandinavian home design inspiration can be found at Emma’s blog.

I like knitting, but I haven’t done it for years. If you share the same passion as Heidi, visit her blog, Wool Rocks. It just invites you to make your own sweaters.

A cooking blog from UK, Anne’s Kitchen.

Belgian Waffles recipe from Jillian in Italy. I am seriously thinking of giving it a try.

Elisa, my fellow blogger from Zurich, wrote the perfect post about the Hive. Read it here. She captured all the moments of the conference.

Thanks Peggy and Yvonne for organising. It was creativity at it’s best!