Some news about our family

So happy to finally be able to share the fact that our family is growing and that as of March next year, Luca will be a big brother.

Having one child is a blessing, having two is a dream. I always knew I wanted two kids, maybe because I come from a family with two kids, but it has always seemed like the family I always pictured for myself. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are pregnant and that this dream will come true. I think of the people who struggle with infertility and how difficult it must be to have to face so many challenges to become a parent. I do see pregnancy as something unique same as giving birth and I do consider myself beyond lucky to be able to experience it.

Having said this it does not mean that I do not find myself thinking of how much more challenging our lives will be after baby number 2 arrives. I know we will manage, but I am pretty sure we will struggle at least in the beginning. We live far away from our families and we rely mostly on each other. Also from my experience with Luca, newborns are not the easiest all the time and if I think of the lack of sleep then I can start picturing some not so nice moments for us…Here is to hoping that having a bit more experience this time around, will make things easier.

All in all, we are looking forward to life as a family of four since we know we are living the best years of our lives.

Happy to hear any advice from your experience with more than one kid. Please do share, as it takes a village to raise a family…






Family Celebration

The bride and groom

This past weekend my brother got married. They choose to do the civil ceremony before the actual wedding that will happen next year. Very smart if you ask me since you get to have two parties especially if you have them spread a few months apart. It was a celebration for our family and everything turned out perfect. The bride and her helpers did a wonderful job decorating a football field and turning it into the perfect venue for a wedding. The theme was traditional/rustic and from the food and the decor to the clothing of the guests all blended very well together to create the most authentic wedding party I attended.

Traian was the official photographer of the event and September 9th was also his Birthday. One more reason to celebrated and to make this day extra special. So happy to get to share some of the pictures here.

Luca and my Dad

Me and Mum, that is wearing the traditional Romanian costume

Luca slept during the ceremony in his pram.

Luca being smooched by my cousin ūüôā

My Dad and My Brother. The shirt my brother is wearing has been in our family for generations.

My beautiful parents




Luca is 1 year old

My dears the day to celebrate Luca’s first birthday sneak up on me. I have no clue how time went by this year and even though I wished at times that he would get older sooner (after the nights with less to no sleep) now I can only feel nostalgic that he is growing up so fast. He is so fun to be around, he is curious and likes to play with other kids. Food is still big on his list and he seems to be in no hurry to walk. At the moment he is crawling in his own unique way and he makes his rounds around the house. Loves to see what is in every drawer, plays with books and magazines and puts a lot of effort to turn the pages with his tiny hands. So fun to watch and be around him. Oh and he is a talker, he says Mama, Tata and imitates talking on the phone by saying Ata (from the Romanian Alo that is Hello in En.)

We organised a small party with our close friends and he enjoyed every moment of it.¬†I had so much fun planning everything and Traian and my brother were the perfect co-hosts that one emotional Mammy could ask for (on Saturday I relived a bit the day I gave birth and it was great to remember how we went through everything just to get to meet him in the evening). It is so special to experience your child’s birthday (to me it is much more interesting than celebrating mine).

But back to the party, I made the food and some sweets. There was cake from In love with cupcakes  but since I want to keep Luca away from sugar for a little longer I  tried a recipe for a special baby banana and carrot muffins with no sugar and the kids loved it.

For the adults I went for finger food mostly and Good Food gave me the perfect ideas. Here are the recipes: Philly- Style hot dogs, Emmental and Leek Quiche, Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings, Basil and Sun Dried tomatoes Hummus, Homemade Guacamole, Crunchy Red Cabbage salad, Homemade Coleslaw salad

And a few pictures with the Birthday boy below. A big thank you for all your warm wishes and nice thoughts that you sent our way this weekend.

DSC_0253 DSC_0255 DSC_0260 DSC_0311 DSC_0336 DSC_0337 DSC_0345 DSC_0365 DSC_0366 DSC_0372 DSC_0373 DSC_0383 DSC_0384 DSC_0389 DSC_0391 DSC_0393 DSC_0418 DSC_0420 DSC_0431



Family photo session

We are getting ready for our first weekend away without the baby. It is one of those milestones that I feel we have to reach, but I am not sure how ready I am. I sometimes think six months is too soon for me to leave him, but in the same time I know that I will never be ready for this. So we are doing it and hopefully all goes well and he has fun with his grandma and uncle for 2 days. Us on the other hand we’ll try to enjoy Paris and sleep late in the morning. Ah, that sounds nice now.

Also, I am wrapping my first week of being back to work (only 3 days a week for now). It was hard the first day but as soon as I started getting into things at work I remembered that I like my job. And that being there is something I chose for myself and my family and that it makes me happy. I am very lucky to have great colleagues and as long as Luca is happy, we are going to rock our new routine.

I leave you with a few pictures we did back for Easter when we had Luca’s christening in Romania. The photographer we worked with, Vasi Vasut, took these amazing pictures that I love to share with you.

Luca_488 Luca_491 Luca_496 Luca_497 Luca_503 Luca_504 Luca_506 Luca_512 Luca_513 Luca_514 Luca_518 Luca_519 Luca_524 Luca_533 Luca_537 Luca_540 Luca_541


Mother’s Day

My first year celebrating Mother’s Day! It is just so surreal to think that for almost 6 months now I have been learning to be a Mum to the most amazing baby boy. Every second I spend with him I get how incredible lucky and blessed I am. Being a Mum is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you Luca for allowing me to grow with you! I hope all you mamas out there had a great day!

And now some awesome pictures with the most amazing t-shirts we got when Luca was born from his godparents.

DSC_6174 DSC_6179 DSC_6218 DSC_6221DSC_6204DSC_6207

A two week road trip with a baby

We are back from our marathon holiday. We literally spent the last 2 weeks on the road, in total we stayed at 4 hotels plus our parents houses. It was hectic, but it was much better then I expected. Luca was incredibly nice and he adjusted to all the changes we threw at him. First it was the road trip from Zurich to Romania, in total a 16 h drive. We split it in half and slept one night in Vienna which is exactly in the middle. The trick was to leave early enough in the morning so that Luca would sleep in the car. Since he still eats once a night we left after his night feed. On the road we would stop to feed him and spend around an hour playing with him. Then he would sleep for an hour and then it was time to play in the car. Having new toys helped and when that was not enough I did take him in my arms just for him to stretch. Overall Luca was a happy traveller and seemed to enjoy the ride. It was a good lesson for me to not worry that much and a very good reminder that babies don’t need much to be happy. As long as their primary needs are satisfied (eat, sleep and play) they are great.

We were crazy tired, but it was all worth it since Luca got to meet all his family and our dear friends. I was a bit worried of how he would react to meeting and spending time with so many people at once. But he enjoyed the attention and I have to say that taking this trip when he was 4 months old was the best thing ever. It is the age when they start to be very aware of what goes around them but they still have some of the newborn characteristics, like napping for long hours in the car.

During our journey we also did his christening. It was a very nice celebration that gathered all our close family and friends. I can’t wait to share the photos.

But for now I only have the photos from my phone from the last 2 weeks. You will notice a lot of selfies and pictures from our hotel rooms.


Happy to be back home and to enjoy spring in our area.

xoxo, Andreea



Pregnancy update – week 35


Time doesn’t sit still especially when you are pregnant and you are counting each week with such excitement. I still can’t believe I am this close to meeting our baby. It feels like just yesterday I was announcing that I am pregnant and now I have this huge belly that is about to pop. Being pregnant is nothing like I expected it to be and my third trimester is going surprisingly well. Here are the highlights of the past few months.

General state of mind. I still feel like myself, except the days when my feet are so swollen that I seem related to Shrek. Also the pace at which my belly is growing is so surprising. I seem to go to bed measuring one size and I woke up one size up. It is shocking in the beginning but now I just got used to it.

Nesting. I started nesting big time. I had a shock a few weeks ago when I realised that our nursery was not ready so I got into this phase where I had to buy and get everything done in a day. Traian kept reassuring me that we are ok and that we have time, but I could not be stopped. We still have a few things to sort out but the big things are done. I hope to be able to share a few pictures soon on the blog with the nursery.

Pregnancy brain. I heard of pregnancy brain but until a few months ago I though I would be lucky enough not to get it. Well, turns out it did catch up with me. I seem to have lost half of my memory capacity. I keep on making lists and have post its of every single thing I have to do since I can’t trust myself anymore to remember what I’ve been thinking of 5 minutes ago. Very frustating but at least I get to make to do lists which I absolutely love. It’s an organised mess…

Sleep. I still sleep ok, but I just noticed that it is harder for me to fall asleep. And I seem to need less sleep than usual. For example this week I woke up at 6.30 am three days in a row and I managed to get through the day ok. I am tired yes, but it is not nearly as bad as one could think. I think it is our body’s way of prepping us for the time when the baby will be here and sleep will be a luxury. I hear so many stories about how tired you get that I keep picturing myself like a zombi. But then I remember that this will be my¬†only “job” so I will just have to get used to it and get into a new routine. I know it is easier said then done but let’s hope for the best. I am as realistic as I can be about what is coming our way and I know there will be a lot of surprises and leaning moments in our future as new parents. It will be life at a different pace and we will just have to make the best of it and take it one day at the time.

Baby movements. I seem to have an active boy inside the womb since he is moving quite a lot during the day. As I am writing this, my belly is moving in waves and I can only imagine that my boy is just trying to find the perfect sleeping position. He takes after his Mom on this since I have been rolling in bed quite a lot the past few weeks. But seriously, I love when he moves, I know he is there alive and kicking and it feels like such a blessing.

Exercising. I am only going to yoga these days and I keep on dreaming about the days when I’ll get back to my exercising routine. In a way I am so looking forward to have a motivation to loose the baby weight and to get back in shape. It will be a challenge, but it must feel so good to get to do stuff for yourself and to have control over your body again. If you want information about gym and training go to my Pinterest board, training, where I pin all the things that I find helpful to get us in shape.

Eating. Well this a tricky one. I feel I am eating too many carbs like bread and sweets, and I am not very proud of myself. But I try to balance it with salads, greens, healthy fruits, nuts. Also I seem to have developed a passion for iced cold drinks. Everything I drink has to be very cold or have ice cubes in it. This is definitely new for me and it has only started in the third trimester.

Preparing for motherhood.¬†I am not very advanced on my parenting reading, on the contrary, I have just started reading about caring for a newborn. I am more of a learn by doing type of person, but still I feel like some information might come in handy before he is here. So I’ve been reading some blogs and I have some books that I feel could be a good start. Also there are the Mothers that I have around me, my friends that are new or older Mums. I have learned so much from them in the past years, observing them with their babies and I know I can count on them if I need support with something. I believe it is crucial for a new Mother to know that she can ask for advice from other women that have been through the same as her. So my dear friends, thank you and looking forward to joining the Mum’s club!

The Motherhood blogs I was telling you about, all written by some amazing ladies:

A Cup of JO , is written by Joanna and is one of my favourite. She shares some amazing advice for Mums and not only.

Rockstar Diaries , written by Noemi, soon to be Mum of three, that lives in New York and shares her adventures in the big city.

Oh Joy!  written by a California Mum, Joy that is one of the most creative person in the online world. I love her colourful style.

And a list of books about parenting from Joanna Goddard. I want to read the Sleepeasy Solution by Jennifer Waldburger¬†and¬†Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care by Jo Frost.

Do you have any other websites and books that you would recommend for new parents?


10 lessons learned as a couple

Andreea & Traian - 1619

These days we are celebrating 2 years since our wedding. We have been living together for quite a few years before, so getting married was not really a big change for us, it just made it official for others, since for us it was as official as it could be. Our relationship has grown and evolved through the years and now we are about to face the biggest challenge of all, going from two to three and being a family. I thought that since we are both stepping into the parents roles this year, I would put in writing the things that I have learned so far from sharing my life with this great man. (I believe each couple has their own dynamic and besides love, the little stuff we do each day make a couples life. Yes. There are the important milestones, like the first I love you, moving in together or getting married but if the everyday dynamic is not working then those things won’t happen). So here are 10 lessons learned from our everyday life together.

1. Feel free to express your thoughts, no matter how silly or meaningful you think they are.¬†¬†I am very lucky to be married with my best friend and to be able to share with him everything that goes on in my life. It is incredible hard to keep things from each other just because we are so used in sharing everything. One example is giving each other presents¬†since¬†we always end up revealing them before our actual celebration day. Traian’s birthday is in September, but he already received his gift because I kept picturing his happy face when he would receive it so…why wait?! Life is short…:).

2. Find time to try new things together. We like eating out every now and then and even if we have our favourite places we always try to go to new restaurants as well. Going to a concert or driving out of town for a few hours just to take a walk in an area we have’t been before are among our fav activities as well.

3. Pursue your own passions: My blog is my passion, he loves cycling, taking pictures and playing video games. We each have moments in which we do that individually and we love having that time to ourselves. It is so relaxing to know you have that time for yourself.

4. Help each other with the household tasks. Living with someone is not always easy especially if one is more organised then the other. Keeping a house clean, paying the bills and other daily chores can become a pain if only one of us carries the weight. Finding a balance and helping each other out can avoid having discussions about stuff that usually have a simple solution to it. I do most of the cooking but Traian is always helping me with the cleaning.

5. Have fun together. Traian loves good music so one of our traditions is to spend a nice evening at home (usually Fridays) listening to new music while having a glass of wine (I am skipping this at the moment) and enjoying finger food (I like to throw a mix of everything I have in the fridge on a platter or have a cheese fondue in winter). We end up having the best of time, laughing and discussing all sorts of things from our hobbies to our plans for the future…. We end up being so relaxed and when you wake up the next morning with a slight hangover you can’t help it feel young again.¬†And just to be reminded we can still have fun just the two of us is the best feeling of all.

6. Forget the small arguments. Everyone has discussions that start from nothing and that can drag on because we all love to be heard and be right. Traian is organised and extremely punctual. As an organised and control freak myself, I still think he sometimes can be exaggerated. For example, we end up discussing why we have to be at a friend’s house at 5 o’clock sharp when there is no official party or hour, just a casual evening with friends. It always helps not to forget where the other one is coming from and why he is doing what he is doing. In the beginning we could get really upset from all stupid things, but as we got to know each other we learned to let the small things go. Still this is a work in progress since there are days when stress, hormones and mood swings (yes, pregnancy I am hinting at you) take the best of us.

7. Always remember what you admire about each other and verbalise it.¬†Saying words of encouragement to each other or simply saying “I am proud of you”when it comes to professional of personal achievements makes a huge difference. We all need to feel that what we do counts and hearing it from the person you love the most is always good.

8. Prioritise intimacy or “sexy time” as one of my girlfriends calls it. Your bedroom is your kingdom so find out what works for both of you and just go for it. Some couples find that scheduling sex works, we did not try it so far but maybe after the baby is here we might need to…:).

9. Always make time for friends and family. Unfortunately we don’t live close to our family, but we always make time to Skype with them. Most of our friends are common, but we also have separate girls or boys nights out. We love to entertain and we are lucky to have close friends that make up for our families not being around.

10. Spoil and take care of each other. Traian makes breakfast each weekend and sometimes during the week when we wake up in the same time. I love that and I feel like it is the best thing to wake up to the smell of coffee. In return I make him sweet treats that I know he likes, even though he says I want to get him fat :).

And if you are in the mood to read some more about relationships I have found the below very interesting as well:

8 things I learned about marriage from Joanna Goddard, A Cup of Jo

A test to help us identify the way each of us likes to show love: The 5 love languages (found on Cupcakes and Cashmere).

Andreea & Traian - 1506


Pictures from our wedding weekend.

xo, Andreea!

Boy or Girl?

DSC_2815 DAA

DSC_2814 DSC_2822 DSC_2825 DSC_2826


This has got to be the most common question that any pregnant women has to answer during her pregnancy. We found out the sex of our baby around week 18 but because we wanted to be as sure as possible we waited to have several more doctor appointments until we would share it with the world. I have to say that I had a feeling about what it was ever since the beginning, and I was just waiting for the doctor to confirm it. So I am happy to announce that our family will welcome a BOY in November. I am very curious to get to know him, to see his face and to get to experience being mama of a boy. I hope I am up to the task and I already love him like nothing in this world. And my husband…I know he is secretly planning all the fun activities they are going to do together: from watching football, going cycling together, teaching him to built stuff and other things boys do! The idea of the two of them together makes my heart melt, I tell you!

DSC_2834 hfaksfahksjfh

DSC_2839 DSC_2835 DSC_2833

I am an wearing and old collection dress from Pnk Casual 

Pregnancy update

I did not write much about my pregnancy so far because I felt like I needed to get adjusted to all the changes that were happening to my body. I am now mid pregnancy (20 weeks) and I would like to share with you what I experienced so far.

The first trimester was an easy one for me. No major morning sickness or feeling bad.¬†It was mostly normal days, except for a few weeks when I was hungry all the time and it took a bit of effort not to eat everything around me. Somehow I managed to stick to healthy options even though I was eating more often. It helped a lot the fact that we were clean eating before getting pregnant as well. I had a few mishaps ( more pastry than I would normally like to admit), but fruits saved me whenever I felt like snacking. Keeping a food journal for a week was eye opening that eating well is possible even when your hormones are telling you otherwise. So it is possible, but don’t expect miracles, the scale still goes up because our body is changing. I try not to worry too much about that since I know I am doing my best to have a normal pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

Concerning exercise during pregnancy, I read a few articles and I am currently trying to stick to some basic gym exercises. I think it helps, as long as you fell healty,  to keep the muscles toned and built strenght for the birth. I signed up for a pregnancy yoga class as well, just to continue a bit my yoga routine. I find that pregnancy yoga so far is quite easy and it focuses more on the breathing and relaxing. I did one class with this instructor that was a bit more intense and I loved it, but I saw that the ladies that were further along than me, were struggeling a bit. Again it is all about how comfortable you feel when doing it. Pushing your limits when you are pregnant is not a good ideea.

Being pregnant for the first time and having reached the middle I can only hope that the other half is as good as the first. This baby is treating me so well and now that I feel his first movements I love him more and more. It is truly a wonderful period for us!

DSC_4644 DSC_4641 DSC_4638 DSC_4634 DSC_4619a


A big thank you to my talented friend, Emilia from In love with cupcakes that did my hair and took these gorgeous pictures.

I am wearing: H&M dress and Miu Miu Sunglasses.

xo, Andreea!