Boy, Oh Boy!

While we are in Madeira enjoying a well deserved holiday, Luca is with his grandparents enjoying the countryside. We miss him like crazy, ask for updates every chance we get and can’t wait to be back to our boy. I leave some pics here from one of our Zurich days. I will come back with an extended post on Madeira once we are back. This island stole our heart and it deserves a full travel post. Until then follow along on Insta stories.


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Fridays with Luca

Friday are my blessings. I look forward to this day all week, because I get to have that one day with Luca. Our day starts at 6 normally. He has potty time, when he usually sits on the potty, does the smelly business while looking at pictures in all his books. Funny, I know, but this is now a routine. I change him from his PJs and then we normally have breakfast. It can be bread and butter, oatmeal, milk and cereal or cheese. I have coffee and think of what I would like to get done that day. Around 9 we could go to the gym (babysitter service included in the gym subscription) but this rarely happens since it is also the time Luca gets sleepy (he’s been up from 6 remember) and then it’s nap time for him. I usually listen to a podcast while cooking or prepping things for lunch. Today I made lasagna. He might nap until 10.30-11 am. Once he is up he gets a snack (what the Swiss can Z’nuni): can be cucumber or other veggie, or just a cracker. Then it’s play time. Lunch happens after 12 and once we are done we either play at home or go for a walk. All depends on the weather. I like to also drive and go for grocery shopping on Fridays afternoon. Depending on how much sleep he got in the morning he will take a second nap in the afternoon. It can be in the car or in the stroller. He loves to nap while on the move. 4 o’clock is snack time. He gets fruits. Usually it’s banana, apples, pears. But last week he tried strawberries and loved them.

In the late afternoons it’s again time to play. Daddy comes home, dinner plans are made. He eats dinner around 7 with us. Bath time is every other night around 8, after which he has his bottle of milk and he goes to bed. I normally feel exhausted on Friday evenings. The week gets to me and my bed time is after 10 but there are days in which I would hop in bed at 9. I know…way too early, but I need my sleep.

So here it is, a day with Luca. I never thought I would love being a mama so much. Every day is filled with so much emotion and life that I wonder how were my days before Luca was here. Fun fact: when he was a few months old I would find myself dreaming of the days when I could just leave the house without having to plan and rethink the whole logistics of doing so with a baby attached to me. Now I don’t miss that freedom anymore. I might miss a long morning in bed from time to time, but our lives now are so much more than before. And this more is what gets me going every day.

My favourite pictures of the three of us are the ones below. We rarely get a picture with the 3 of us, usually is just Traian taking pictures of me and Luca. Thank you Emilia for being there that day and for taking these cools snapshots of us 3.

DSC_1066-2 DSC_1055-3 DSC_1055-2 DSC_1051-2 DSC_1043-2 DSC_1042-2 DSC_1029-2 DSC_1028-2 DSC_1018-2 DSC_1017-2 DSC_1012-2 DSC_1010-2

Late Start

Hi Luvs,

We had a rough start of the year over here. We were sick for most part of this month and the three of us managed to take care of each other somehow. We had help as well from our family and I can finally say that we are now getting back to normal. Being sick just reminded me that sometimes you need to slow down and just take a break. It might not be the perfect timing for that (is there such thing as the prefect timing to be sick?!) but staying healthy and positive is the only way forward, especially when your child is not well. Yes, experiencing our first real cold and virus with Luca got us appreciating even more what we have.

And on a happier note, today we discovered our new favourite Asian restaurant in Zurich, Lily’s Factory. We went there for a late lunch and enjoyed a family meal. Luca is now in the phase where he is trying to walk so we constantly have to walk with him. The only thing that is not very baby friendly is that they don’t offer child seats. We used the stroller to sit Luca when he was not standing up and exploring the place. You can also read a more experienced review about the place here. We give it a thumbs up and we will be stopping by soon.

Here are some pics from today. Wishing you a great week, luvs! Stay healthy and positive!

DSC_0543 DSC_0547 DSC_0552 DSC_0554 DSC_0564 DSC_0575 DSC_0581


Luca is 1 year old

My dears the day to celebrate Luca’s first birthday sneak up on me. I have no clue how time went by this year and even though I wished at times that he would get older sooner (after the nights with less to no sleep) now I can only feel nostalgic that he is growing up so fast. He is so fun to be around, he is curious and likes to play with other kids. Food is still big on his list and he seems to be in no hurry to walk. At the moment he is crawling in his own unique way and he makes his rounds around the house. Loves to see what is in every drawer, plays with books and magazines and puts a lot of effort to turn the pages with his tiny hands. So fun to watch and be around him. Oh and he is a talker, he says Mama, Tata and imitates talking on the phone by saying Ata (from the Romanian Alo that is Hello in En.)

We organised a small party with our close friends and he enjoyed every moment of it. I had so much fun planning everything and Traian and my brother were the perfect co-hosts that one emotional Mammy could ask for (on Saturday I relived a bit the day I gave birth and it was great to remember how we went through everything just to get to meet him in the evening). It is so special to experience your child’s birthday (to me it is much more interesting than celebrating mine).

But back to the party, I made the food and some sweets. There was cake from In love with cupcakes  but since I want to keep Luca away from sugar for a little longer I  tried a recipe for a special baby banana and carrot muffins with no sugar and the kids loved it.

For the adults I went for finger food mostly and Good Food gave me the perfect ideas. Here are the recipes: Philly- Style hot dogs, Emmental and Leek Quiche, Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings, Basil and Sun Dried tomatoes Hummus, Homemade Guacamole, Crunchy Red Cabbage salad, Homemade Coleslaw salad

And a few pictures with the Birthday boy below. A big thank you for all your warm wishes and nice thoughts that you sent our way this weekend.

DSC_0253 DSC_0255 DSC_0260 DSC_0311 DSC_0336 DSC_0337 DSC_0345 DSC_0365 DSC_0366 DSC_0372 DSC_0373 DSC_0383 DSC_0384 DSC_0389 DSC_0391 DSC_0393 DSC_0418 DSC_0420 DSC_0431



Birthday wisdom


Today is my birthday and normally this day would have had a bittersweet feeling attached to it. I think that when it comes to birthdays, I was always a bit vain and selfish. I would focus on the fact that I was getting older and what that would do to me, like a lot of us do. But this year after coming across something online, I’ve finally realized that I was looking at the whole birthday thing from the wrong perspective. I mean why not be truly happy that I got to live another amazing year, that I got to meet Luca and experience his first year of life, that I got to become closer to my husband, that I got to build new friendships and make the old ones stronger, that I got to see our own parents become grandparents and the joy this has brought on them. That and many others are just a few reason to celebrate and to look forward to another year. Yes, that means getting old and dealing with all the stuff that will come from that but that is inevitable. And what you can’t change, you should embrace and live though with as much grace as possible. Don’t you agree?

So hurray to my birthday and to my new found wisdom that it’s linked once again to motherhood. I know I say this a lot but having a child and experiencing everything that comes with that is incredible. And as it is my first birthday since having Luca, I have to say that it is one of the best ones. It just is something else to be the mother of this little boy.

The first picture is from a barbecue we attended this past weekend at a friends house and the second one is from today, leaving the restaurant we had dinner at.



Xox, Andreea.

Life latelly

Two months already since I am back to work and things are beginning to resemble somewhat to normal for us. Luca is doing better and better at the daycare, I am home with him on Fridays and having a 3 days weekend is great. Life is not boring for sure. I am trying to get into a rhythm where I have enough time for everything I want to do. First priority everyday is spending time with Luca and Traian and some days this is all we do. But there are the days when I can devote a bit of time to my interests, blogging being one of them. All is very different from before but it is a good different. The only thing I would love to be able to accommodate better is spending more time with our friends. We are not able to arrange spontaneous outings with friends like before for now. We need to give the babysitter thing a try in the near future.

Luca is growing and his personality comes through. We had a bit of a headache with the teeth but as we are already counting 6 of them things seem to be calmer. He loves to be around people and he smiles at strangers like he knows them for a lifetime. He is not crawling yet but as he is more and more on the floor with his toys, I think we are close to him making a move. A part of me can’t wait to see him move on his own but then I know that our house will need to be rearranged. I think my heart will stop ten times per day with all the corners, drawers and other possible dangers. But then again, each milestone he faces, we face with him and we are growing together.

He likes to eat and every time we introduce a new food and he loves it, I feel like I conquered Everest. He is into finger food and I try to give him fruits and veggies mostly. You know you are a Mum when you carry all sorts of snacks in your purse (one of my friends told me this and she was absolutely right :)).

One thing that has not changed since Luca came is our habit of being out of the house. We arrange activities during the day so that we spend as much time as possible outside. Luca loves being in the car, in the stroller and as of recent in the carrier. Being out with him is wonderful especially since he seems to enjoy it so much. Here are some pictures as of lately.

DSC_8020 DSC_8023 DSC_8032 DSC_8044 DSC_8045 DSC_8046 DSC_8052 DSC_8236 DSC_8244 DSC_8248 DSC_8249 DSC_8259 DSC_8261 DSC_8296 DSC_8302 DSC_8618 DSC_8619


Little things

I just put Luca down for his midday nap and while sipping my coffee, I am reviewing our week. It was a good one for our little family. Luca had the first full week at daycare and he is very much getting settled into the routine over there. He now has his first tooth (that I still haven’t managed to get a good picture of)  and has a favourite song: Little Lion Man (how cool is this title) from Mumford & Sons. When we play it for him he will start smiling and dancing in his high chair…hilarious and so sweet.

Being back to work, but still being able to enjoy the little moments with this little family of mine, means I am doing something right. My mantra lately is to focus on the now and not rush things. Not always possible or easy to do but each day is a new beginning and can be better than the last.

Keep positive my dears and have a lovely weekend!

And a few pictures from the last weeks.


Xox, Andreea!


A two week road trip with a baby

We are back from our marathon holiday. We literally spent the last 2 weeks on the road, in total we stayed at 4 hotels plus our parents houses. It was hectic, but it was much better then I expected. Luca was incredibly nice and he adjusted to all the changes we threw at him. First it was the road trip from Zurich to Romania, in total a 16 h drive. We split it in half and slept one night in Vienna which is exactly in the middle. The trick was to leave early enough in the morning so that Luca would sleep in the car. Since he still eats once a night we left after his night feed. On the road we would stop to feed him and spend around an hour playing with him. Then he would sleep for an hour and then it was time to play in the car. Having new toys helped and when that was not enough I did take him in my arms just for him to stretch. Overall Luca was a happy traveller and seemed to enjoy the ride. It was a good lesson for me to not worry that much and a very good reminder that babies don’t need much to be happy. As long as their primary needs are satisfied (eat, sleep and play) they are great.

We were crazy tired, but it was all worth it since Luca got to meet all his family and our dear friends. I was a bit worried of how he would react to meeting and spending time with so many people at once. But he enjoyed the attention and I have to say that taking this trip when he was 4 months old was the best thing ever. It is the age when they start to be very aware of what goes around them but they still have some of the newborn characteristics, like napping for long hours in the car.

During our journey we also did his christening. It was a very nice celebration that gathered all our close family and friends. I can’t wait to share the photos.

But for now I only have the photos from my phone from the last 2 weeks. You will notice a lot of selfies and pictures from our hotel rooms.


Happy to be back home and to enjoy spring in our area.

xoxo, Andreea



Baby Talk: 4 months old

Luca turned 4 months last week. I am still having an Awww moment every time I realise the special bond I have with him. We are the luckiest people in the world to have him in our lives. As any proud mamma out there I want to memorise every moment with him. So here is a list of his favourite activities at this age:

Playing: He likes toys especially the ones that can fit into his mouth. Everything goes into his mouth, from a simple napkin to a chewing toy. He sometimes gets nervous when he can’t put in his mouth the suspended toys from the activity mat. He is very much into us making funny faces and talking to him. He laughs and smiles every time I sing or talk to him and that just makes me fall even more in love with him.

Cuddling: He loves to cuddle and I am so happy because he makes this sweet little noise whenever I cover him in kisses, which happens all day and during the night when he is awake.

Sitting: He loves to sit up either between pillows or in our arms. He has a favourite position in his Dad’s arms, that he is very fond of, especially in the evenings. It’s like he is sitting in an armchair, he looks so comfy and happy. If he is cranky, his Dad would hold him, sing their special song while looking in the mirror. This calms him every time. We have tummy time and he is enjoying it more and more.

Sleeping: He wakes me up several times a night, either because his pacifier is not in his mouth, either because he is hungry. I still feed him once a night. By now I am used to being up sometimes every hour, and I really don’t mind it. I know he will sleep well eventually and I try to focus on the fact that he needs me now and I love being there for him. I keep thinking how comforting is to have someone there for you when you can’t fall asleep. I just hope that one day, soon enough, he will let me enjoy a full night sleep. We are working on that, so fingers crossed.

Eating: He is very much aware of the bottle and what it is for. Every time we feed him we show it to him and he just opens his mouth in expectation. We are going to start solid food as of next month since he seems more and more ready for more food. We have him sit with us at dinner time so he can watch us eat. I am hoping that when the time will come for him to see a spoon coming towards him, he will know what it is for and he will eat.

And some pictures of the little man since he turned 4 months.




xox, Andreea.

Zurich Street food festival – Winter edition

I thought I would share a few pictures from the Zurich Street Food Festival that happened this past weekend in the city. I feel like I don’t do much these days besides the baby, so this seems like a good opportunity to share something else with you. We are very passionate about food, as you might have noticed, and we try not miss an opportunity for tasting some amazing dishes. We had the best hot dog, burger, pastrami sandwich and strudel this Saturday. Seriously if the food trucks would be in the city all year I would only eat there. Dangerous. If in Zurich, check the website for the next dates when the festival is happening. This was the winter edition.

You can read here about the summer edition.

DSC_5607 DSC_5609 DSC_5610 DSC_5613 DSC_5620 DSC_5628 DSC_5631 DSC_5633