Stylish homes – the perfect home office

I haven’t had a desk in my home ever since I moved out of my parents home, and that was a long time ago. I never really felt like I needed one in the flats I lived, maybe also because I spend all day at work behind a desk, and coming home to do the same, is not something you want. But now, the idea of a nice home office seems to appeal to me, and I found some really nice ones on Pinterest. I could see myself loving a space like this in my future home. Basically all you need is a bookshelf, a desk, and a chair that stands out. The rest is just up to your imagination.

I like this one because it is just so simple. I believe the rug and the other accessories
make all the difference.
This is more complex, since it also has a sitting area where you could just enjoy a nice book.

I love yellow, so this is just perfect for me.

This is bit more classy. It makes me think of a modern Madame Bovary sitting there
and looking through the window. Still the chair is a keeper.

OK, you caught me. I clearly have a chair obsession…

This is more shabby chic, but yet again a chair can make all the difference.

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Stylish homes

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Spring is here! I am saying this while sitting on our balcony, under an umbrella that is suppose to protect me from the sun and thinking of how good everything looks when it is sunny. Including our homes (our flat seems to have been transformed since sun light set in, on Sunday morning). Everything has come to life especially if you count the fresh flowers that are now available at every street corner. I simply love flowers in a home and I find myself missing them if I forget to replace the old ones. I always choose one colour and one type of flower (yellow tulips were my favourite this season). Maybe because they look sophisticated even though it is not some fancy flower arrangement. Also the vase can  be something improvised like what is in the pictures below, or you can just buy a nice vase (I have different round shapes from Ikea in hot pink and blue). And here is some inspiration if you want to have a Spring home.

Source here

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Using antique books to decorate, that I would love to do. Source here
Pink Hydrangeas, you are just beautiful! Source here 

Source here

Source here

I hope I convinced you to visit your florist! Your day will just get better!


Stylish homes

Having a home, or a space that you love and feel comfortable in, is for me equally important as having a place that reflects the personality of those who live in it. Transforming a place from something plane into something more special can easily be done with a bit of creativity and a few good ideas. So here I am, always looking for new inspiration and I decided to share my findings with you. This time I will stop at the outdoor space, a terrace or a balcony that can look so gorgeous if we just style it a bit. I remember when we first moved to Switzerland that I was amazed with what people could do with their porch. Here are a few ideas.

1. A small patio, with the nicest pillows and of course the wooden floors
that give it that comfy touch
2. I love hydrangea flowers and the terrace lamps that make every summer evening
feel like you are on holiday
3. As much as we love the sun, we need an umbrella, and I’ll always go for a coloured one.
4. Choose a sun bed that simply invites you to take a good book and relax in it

5. If space is limited, a simple chair and round table would do the magic as well.
And you can never go wrong with white

6. Or you can simply take the furniture from your home and move it on the balcony for
the summer. The natural light will do the rest…
If only summer would just decide to come once and for all…
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Weekend fun

Can you believe it is already Sunday evening? I can’t, but I am happy to report it was a good one. Last night I hosted my first girls evening since we moved to this apartment. I had the girls from work come for a casual evening with drinks and food. I didn’t go overboard in planning something fancy, because it was not that type of evening. Instead I went for simple food and plenty of white wine. Also I read in Food and Wine magazine that the secret to a nice party is to serve dishes that are delicious weather they are hot, room temperature or even cold. The result was a nice and fun evening with the girls, that I hope we will repeat again.

My dress for the evening
It felt like spring dressed like this
Cheese plate 

All the food was vegetarian, and the salad above has carrots, pomegranate and goat cheese

Tulips can be found at the market, so my house is ready for spring
This is how the table looked like, without the desert that was brought by some of the girls and the
bruschettas that were served fresh from the oven
Desert near the homemade guacamole and salsa (everything made by the girls), not very picture perfect but I tell you, delicious

Before the night ended we took this picture, only a few of us…
Today, after the apartment was cleaned, this little corner became my favorite. 

Les petites choses

This could be my motto for this year. Special jewelry from Malvenski
To kick off the new year here is my first post from the series of small things that make every day more beautiful. We had some amazing two weeks with friends and family. It was a pretty busy period for us and to wrap it up, we are heading to Austria for a ski weekend tomorrow. So now I am off to packing the ski gear and getting ready for some amazing views in the Austrian Alps.
Cupcakes and Cashmere, the book is here

A very special present from my brother
Is there anything better than this on a lazy afternoon?
Italian lunch 
Flowers from some very dear friends
A pretty stylish buggy

Merry Christmas!

Since 2 days we are home at my parents house. It is a very magical time and I am extremely happy to be home with my family. There is no greater feeling than being home with your loved ones. I hope you all have that and you enjoy the holidays as much as possible.

Merry Christmas!


Les petites choses

The web is full these day of Gift Guides, one better than the other. I don’t know about you, but I am one of those impulsive shoppers and I don’t plan all my gifting to the last details. I sometimes happen to find the perfect gift at the last moment and when it comes to family and close friends it doesn’t have to be Christmas to give them a small something. This is one of the reasons why pretty little things are always nice to have around. Here is a list of the latest ones I came across.

New Hello Range Chocolate from Lindt…say Thank you in a sweet way!
Beautiful earrings

Postcard theme wallet and a little something for a golf enthusiast 

Vintage jewelry 

One of the most chic and feminine perfume bottles from Jean Paul Gaultier, Fragile

Les petites choses

Today I find myself dreaming of the perfect Wednesday. I have a few images that would make any day, fell more relaxed and enjoyable.

A snack at our favorite coffee place

Smiley face apples that can bright up a regular working day

Bubble gum, perfect color palette

Never too late to do bubbles

Warming up for a good workout

Delicious deserts from a bakery in Rapperswil

Christmas decorations are in the stores

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Les petites choses

Favorite drink this summer, Aperol Spritz

This week has gone by extremely fast mostly because on Wednesday we had a bank holiday. It was the Swiss National Day, a very nice summer day that I spent by the pool relaxing and charging my batteries for all the things coming our way. I had the time to surf the net, to read my favorites blogs and to realize how much I love blogging. I recommend this post that talks about the challenges and joys of blogging as a full time career.

Swiss Summer

Some British design to match the British Olympics

The centerpieces at a friends wedding, they looked great.

A friend braided my hair and I loved it.

Have a great weekend!


Les petites choses

My new fragrance that inspires me every day when choosing the things I wear.
Handbags that would make a nice present for a cool friend.
This cards are amazing. They make me think of our wedding invitations, that are going to be ready very soon. 
My new bracelets that I got from Change maker. It is a really cool store, the bags and cards from above are all from here.
And I used the bracelets to accessorize this outfit, that I wore for a friend’s birthday party.