The Little Things

Guys, I am wrapping my final week as a stay at home Mom. I am retuning to work on Monday for only a few days a week and I feel so weird. I am not ready for this new chapter but again what woman is?! I will just have to figure everything out as we go along. But let’s focus on the weekend first. My mother is visiting and as it happens this weekend Zurich has another edition of the Street Food Festival. So I guess you know where we will be.

Here are some pictures from this past week. It’s all about the little things. Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

You know it is Spring when peonies are everywhere.

The best roast beef sandwich in Zurich can be found in front of Globus on Bahnhofstrasse. I absolutely love it.



My Mom felling knackered after one of our walks. Luca on the other hand was quite bored with the hole thing.



His new favourite playground is a carton box. Who said babies need much to be entertained? He spends hours in there.


Perfecting our selfie game as a family during our day trip to Luzern.



xox, Andreea


Les Petites Choses

This past weekend was all about the small little things. My little Brother was in town and just to get and see him in the morning and have breakfast together, made me so happy. And on one of our walks in the medieval city of Stein am Rhein I have found some stuff that caught my eye. Take a look.

The colour of Lavender 
A terrace in the sun 

I would just buy all the flowers in this place

The colours of the window blinds are just so perfect for the look of this house.
I just love the little hart and the shades of grey.

Les petites choses

This could be my motto for this year. Special jewelry from Malvenski
To kick off the new year here is my first post from the series of small things that make every day more beautiful. We had some amazing two weeks with friends and family. It was a pretty busy period for us and to wrap it up, we are heading to Austria for a ski weekend tomorrow. So now I am off to packing the ski gear and getting ready for some amazing views in the Austrian Alps.
Cupcakes and Cashmere, the book is here

A very special present from my brother
Is there anything better than this on a lazy afternoon?
Italian lunch 
Flowers from some very dear friends
A pretty stylish buggy

Les petites choses

The web is full these day of Gift Guides, one better than the other. I don’t know about you, but I am one of those impulsive shoppers and I don’t plan all my gifting to the last details. I sometimes happen to find the perfect gift at the last moment and when it comes to family and close friends it doesn’t have to be Christmas to give them a small something. This is one of the reasons why pretty little things are always nice to have around. Here is a list of the latest ones I came across.

New Hello Range Chocolate from Lindt…say Thank you in a sweet way!
Beautiful earrings

Postcard theme wallet and a little something for a golf enthusiast 

Vintage jewelry 

One of the most chic and feminine perfume bottles from Jean Paul Gaultier, Fragile

Les petites choses

Today I find myself dreaming of the perfect Wednesday. I have a few images that would make any day, fell more relaxed and enjoyable.

A snack at our favorite coffee place

Smiley face apples that can bright up a regular working day

Bubble gum, perfect color palette

Never too late to do bubbles

Warming up for a good workout

Delicious deserts from a bakery in Rapperswil

Christmas decorations are in the stores

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Les petites choses

Favorite drink this summer, Aperol Spritz

This week has gone by extremely fast mostly because on Wednesday we had a bank holiday. It was the Swiss National Day, a very nice summer day that I spent by the pool relaxing and charging my batteries for all the things coming our way. I had the time to surf the net, to read my favorites blogs and to realize how much I love blogging. I recommend this post that talks about the challenges and joys of blogging as a full time career.

Swiss Summer

Some British design to match the British Olympics

The centerpieces at a friends wedding, they looked great.

A friend braided my hair and I loved it.

Have a great weekend!

Les petites choses

My new fragrance that inspires me every day when choosing the things I wear.
Handbags that would make a nice present for a cool friend.
This cards are amazing. They make me think of our wedding invitations, that are going to be ready very soon. 
My new bracelets that I got from Change maker. It is a really cool store, the bags and cards from above are all from here.
And I used the bracelets to accessorize this outfit, that I wore for a friend’s birthday party.

Les Petites Choses

While in Bucharest for the weekend my friend took me to a home decoration store called Bell’Agio Casa where I was pleased to see some really nice pieces of furniture and home accessories. I managed to take a few pictures of some things that I liked.

I think I might be obsessed with bookstores and lately I discovered that I love taking pictures of the books on shelves. It might just be that I want this in my home, but in any case love how they look.

Les Petites Choses

We were walking though the town of Saint Ursanne in the French part of Switzerland and this was displayed in the street. So chic and french…
Name tags for the spices in the garden, found in the small town of Laufenburg. Now all I have to do is start gardening…
I made this pancake recipe and it was delicious. I only had pineapple in the house on Sunday morning but you can add all sorts of fruits and don’t forget the maple syrup. I also added the plum jam homemade by my mother.

Les Petites Choses

It has been a while since I put together this column, not because I was lacking inspiration, but because I was busy joggling and getting accustomed with work, wedding planning, moving and then some…So there are a lot of pretty little things that made my Iphone camera go on and that make everyday life nicer and enjoyable.

Huge Flower Pot that would look so good on our terrace

It’s tulips season and I absolutely adore them. They look so good on my dinner table.   
Decorating idea for the garden

Best ice cream in Switzerland ant not only, if you ask me, from Movenpick

Ok, I was out of work for some time (if someone is intrigued why I took a picture in the restroom) but this is what we have in the ladies room at work. This makes me love and enjoy that place even more.
I could eat this everyday

My new and my old name put together on our mail box :))
I love this picture of the Zurich Lake even if it was made on a cloudy day.
It looks so peaceful.

Have a great week, full of pretty little things!