Home sweet home

We recently moved house, as some of you might know. Like any move it was a pain, but then you start to settle in and you notice how happy you are with your new space. Having been through several moves in the last ten years, it takes about 3 months for us to start feeling like we are home. And this usually is linked with adding the finishes touches and putting all small bits and pieces together. It can be curtains, carpets or simply pictures on the walls. We have a few paintings that we received as gifts that I like to display since they remind me of the occasion when we received them (of course, I also like them) and then there are the family photos. Luca has quite a few in his room and the rest are in the living room and in other areas of the house. It just puts a smile on my face when I see a picture of Luca as a baby, or a picture from our wedding day.

I thought you would also like to see a few of the findings that decorate our new home or that are on my wish list.

A fun and very smart way to display the pictures from your phone: Aura Frames came up with this brilliant digital frame that looks so cool and that takes the pictures from your phone and displays them. I find this amazing and I am considering purchasing it especially since most of our pictures are taken using the mobile device. Check it out!

From Maison du monde, we got the lamp and the buffet that you see in the pictures below.

I love Monoqi, for all stuff design.

Calm the Ham, for the coolest posters. Traian got this one and it looks perfect in our office.


And some fav items from the web:





The Little Things

Guys, I am wrapping my final week as a stay at home Mom. I am retuning to work on Monday for only a few days a week and I feel so weird. I am not ready for this new chapter but again what woman is?! I will just have to figure everything out as we go along. But let’s focus on the weekend first. My mother is visiting and as it happens this weekend Zurich has another edition of the Street Food Festival. So I guess you know where we will be.

Here are some pictures from this past week. It’s all about the little things. Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

You know it is Spring when peonies are everywhere.

The best roast beef sandwich in Zurich can be found in front of Globus on Bahnhofstrasse. I absolutely love it.



My Mom felling knackered after one of our walks. Luca on the other hand was quite bored with the hole thing.



His new favourite playground is a carton box. Who said babies need much to be entertained? He spends hours in there.


Perfecting our selfie game as a family during our day trip to Luzern.



xox, Andreea



Summer bedroom essentials


What is better then a good night’s sleep? Since Luca joined our family we learned the importance of a good night’s sleep, especially since in the first 5 months of his life, we slept only a few hours at the time. So I started to be much more aware of my bedtime routine and the way our bedroom looks and feels. A good book on my bedside table, my fav scented hand moisturiser and a clean set of sheets are my ultimate sleep enablers. With summer almost here I decided to shop for new bedding since I got a bit tired of the same Ikea decor.

White is always my colour of choice and for summer I like to mix white with blue or another softer colour. I love Zara’s Contrasting Bed Linen  and the Parachute Duvet Cover in Ash.


I am also loving the all navy look. The Parachute Venice set is one of my favourites since it is in Egyptian Cotton and I would love to pair it with a neutral colour as well, something like the Parachute Sheets in Ash.


I would also love to try a linen blend bed set, that I think is perfect for warmer weather. My choices are the Parachute Linen Blend Duvet Set – Sea and Zara’s Contrasting Linen Bed Set.


Hope I inspired you to make the most of your night’s sleep.




Make your holiday table stand out

I am a big fan of hosting dinner parties. Cooking comes relatively easy to me and having close friends and family around a table is my idea of a good time. With the winter holidays fast approaching I thought I would look for a few ideas on how to make the holiday table more stylish. A festive occasion needs to be celebrated and even if it is just me and my hubby, I still want to make our Christmas dinner and lunch special.

When it comes to winter holidays like Christmas we can go overboard with decorations. It is in the end the holiday that revolves around decorating your home. So in this case less is not an option. Here are a few main points to focus on when choosing you table decorations:

  •  Focus on a color palette and chose your materials around it. It can be red, green, silver, gold, white, whatever works for you.



  • A festive dinner table needs a centerpiece. Either you buy one that is already made, or you make one yourself. It can be a nice fruit bowl or you can use tree ornaments to create something nice. I am loving the transparent vase with cranberries inside and the white roses, in the 3rd picture below.


living_pearbasket_p168_xl gt035_inthered1_s_xl fruit-nut-centerpiece-de

  • If you plan a meal for more than 6 people it might add a nice touch to use place cards. It will definitely stand out and give the entire experience an extra special touch. Again you can make them yourself, just see below.


  • Don’t be afraid to use candles, they are a must have on a festive table.

ff25cdfe91bf60cf3f53b9dfac361982 f0c10b07efdf38273fc2dfaae80594ac bp103417_1107_candles_xl

  • Don’t neglect the plates, napkins or cutlery. You can do some amazing arrangements using them. From a simple tree branch tied with a bow to a piece of fruit you can make each plate stand out.







Pictures from: 1, 2, 3, 4,


Here are a few shops that always have nice things for decorating a table:

WestwingOne kings lane;

AnthropologieZara Home;

Impressionen; Gilt

Hautelook; Home Decorators Collection


Home decor: Nursery


We have finally managed to finish the baby’s room this weekend. I am in my 37 week and our little fellow has his special room waiting for him. It took us three months to finish everything, from painting 2 walls and then deciding exactly what furniture and other stuff to buy. Now when we see it ready we couldn’t be more happy and we keep imagining how our baby will fit in the whole picture. I can’t believe how close we are and how emotional it is to see his room waiting for him. Waiting for your child to be born brings out a long list of emotions: excitement, fear, happiness, anxiety all linked by the bond that you already have created with him throughout the nine months.

But back to the room. We went for yellow and grey with all the furniture being white. I wanted something else besides blue and yellow seemed like a good choice. Also I kept on thinking that this is a baby’s nursery so it needs to be practical and enjoyable for a mama and baby. I could have went for a more fancy look, but in the end, a baby needs space to move, to play and display his toys. Also I had to make sure that I have enough space to store all the things a baby needs, and believe me, once you start buying and gathering, it is quite a lot.


DSC_4255 DSC_4262 DSC_4273 DSC_4282 DSC_4283 DSC_4285 DSC_4294 DSC_4308

In case you are interested, all the furniture and accessories are from IKEA and the big hippo is from Toys”R”us.

xoxo, Andreea!


Home office

On my list, ever since we moved to our apartment, was buying a desk. I wanted to create a space that would resemble a home office, so that I would no longer have to use our dinning table or coffee table when writing. It is vital for me to have a nice setting when I write or work. I need a nice ambiance around me, that would be inviting and welcoming. So I chose a desk from Amazon and had it delivered to our home. When we finally got it I was over the moon and is safe to say that it has become my favourite spot in the house. Here are my essentials, that I need around me, when working: laptop and a notebook, magazines or inspiring books, a photo with a happy memory from our lives (our wedding), fresh flowers and a cup of coffee or tea (mostly in the evenings). If I have all that I am set and I can stay there for hours.It’s like time stops and I am in my own world. What are your desk essentials? I would love to know.


DSC_6148DSC_6215DSC_6224 DSC_6203 DSC_6181 DSC_6169 DSC_6135 DSC_5937


I am wearing: Mango skirt and pumps (old but I like this ones as well), Zara sweater, H&M Necklace.


Romanian holiday

We are ending our one week Romanian tour as we are heading back to Zurich today. I love being back home, since it is our time with the family and friends. It is always good to be back to the places where you grew up and that you know so well. It is also a good reminder of the things that matter the most in this world, like the love of your family. We are incredible lucky to have that and to have the roots that we have. With every trip home I seem to discover more about myself and the support and love that we need so much. Not having our family close makes us cherish them more and it makes the time spent together more intense and full of meaning.

We discovered a new beach this past week. Actually it is someone we know that has created this special corner at the Black Sea shore. OHA beach has the best decor and it is so chill and relaxing and no crowds. If you find yourself in the area you should definitely stop by. We loved it.

Next on our stops was my parent’s house. It was so welcoming and as always, I fell in love with the garden. My Mum loves this house and gardening is one of her favourite activities. She does an amazing job every year and she manages to have the best flowers and green outdoor space.


Beach day

We are in Romania for a week and the first part of our holiday we are at my in-laws house by the beach. Summer in Romania is very hot and being by the beach makes the heat bearable. We love it, especially hubby who loves his hometown, Constanta. Besides family time, drinks with friends, we also make it a priority to enjoy the sun. With the summer sale in Zara I got this yellowish dress. The moment  I put it on, I instantly feel like I can relax. No better match for a windy day at the beach.


10 Ideas on how to store accessories

If you are a girly girl then you must have a lot of accessories, from jewellery to bags, shoes, perfumes and make up. My bathroom stores a lot of my makeup because that’s were I usually get ready in the mornings. Jewellery is stored mostly in the bedroom and even though I manage to arrange everything in  a very decent and practical way, I still find myself in a chaos once I start picking what I want to wear. One reason is the fact that I don’t manage to rearrange everything the way it was before. So you can imagine that when I saw the below pictures I was very pleased. The best thing is that they offer very practical ideas for storage so that you can actually see all your jewellery before you chose it.

The Frame idea is brilliant. You can take a frame you like, staple or glue a piece of fabric
to it and just pin your jewellery to it.
Similar tray can be found in Ikea
A cake plate to put your perfumes on it 

Another usage for you kitchen Bowls, especially if you like to collect them, like me.

What a cool idea to place your bag, once you get home, on a stack of books.
Imagine you put coffee beans instead and you get the smell of coffee as well.

Source here here here here here here

Les Petites Choses

This past weekend was all about the small little things. My little Brother was in town and just to get and see him in the morning and have breakfast together, made me so happy. And on one of our walks in the medieval city of Stein am Rhein I have found some stuff that caught my eye. Take a look.

The colour of Lavender 
A terrace in the sun 

I would just buy all the flowers in this place

The colours of the window blinds are just so perfect for the look of this house.
I just love the little hart and the shades of grey.