Brunch at our local farm

First of August is the national day of Switzerland and it’s customary to celebrate it with a farm brunch. Most farms open their doors and organise a brunch with local products. This year was the first year we attended and we chose a farm very close to where we live. It was quite impressive since they had a lot of guests and we got to taste very flavoured fruits and vegetables. Once again it was proven to me that buying our products locally it is worth it. They might be more expensive but at least we eat something that has taste. Even though I know it is not always possible, I am definitely going to try to source more of our food from local suppliers (looking forward to the tomatoes from our terrace that are soon gonna be ready to eat).

But back to our 1st of August brunch that started as a very grey and rainy day. Luckily it got better and by noon the sun was shinning again. I decided to get the rainy boots out and I wore them with a skirt I found at Esprit in sale.

DSC_8572 DSC_8574 DSC_8577 DSC_8580 DSC_8582 DSC_8585 DSC_8589 DSC_8594


I am wearing: Esprit Skirt, Massimo Dutti Sweater, Hunter boots, Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses , Michael Kors Watch, Mango Hat (old collection).


Maternity Style NY Fashion Week

It’s time for a little fashion inspiration and where better to get it than among the fashionistas that flaunted their beautiful baby bumps at New Your Fashion week this fall. My Instagram was invaded by all sorts of outfits from my favourite fashion bloggers and I was wondering how pregnancy would fit in the picture. Well, my question was answered today when I saw Miroslava Duma rocking her pregnancy during fashion week. I was so happy to see once again how cute and stylish pregnancy can be. I can’t say this enough: I am living a wonderful time in my life and to be able to dress the part is just a plus that makes waiting for this baby a lot more fun and exciting. So here it goes, stylish Mamas during fashion week.

If you are interested in more pregnancy outfits you can follow my Pinterest board on pregnancy style.



large_Fustany-Stylish_Mamas-Maternity_Street_Style_at_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_2015-Mira_Duma-1 Street Style - Day 2 - New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 large_Fustany-Stylish_Mamas-Maternity_Street_Style_at_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_2015-Mira_Duma-3

Natasha Goldenberg at Derek Lam SS2015 large_Fustany-Stylish_Mamas-Maternity_Street_Style_at_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_2015-Natasha_Goldenberg-4

Photos from here

And for those of you that are not into maternity fashion, there is a video of the legendary Anna Wintour answering 73 questions in an interview for Vogue. You can find out what she would never wear and what word she wished fashion people would stop using. She is such a professional that I can’t help it admiring her more and more.



Have a fun and fashionable weekend, my dears!

xo, Andreea!



I don’t know if it was Gaudi’s city and his colours but when we were in Barcelona I was so colourful. Yellow, red and blue, grey and a splash of pink, that is already too much. I am a fan of less is more, but sometimes, and especially when I travel, I love to be relaxed about the way I dress. So yes, I took every colour in my suitcase and somehow they matched. Have a colourful week, lovelies!

DSC_0383 DSC_0384 DSC_0392 DSC_0417 DSC_0420

I am wearing mostly H&M and Zara, old collections.



Style Crush


Everyone has a style story and today I want to share the one of my good friend, Dewi. She is always an inspiration for me mostly because no matter what she wears she makes it seem so effortless and stunning. She can go running, have her hair in a ponytail and still look amazing. I believe it comes from within, since she is so beautiful inside and out. Ok, so yes she is one of my best friends and I love her, but read my short Q&A with her and take a look at the pictures.


1. How would you define your style? I really struggle with defining my style, because it’s not just one. Can someone have more than one style? I mean, I like dressing smart for work, but then always add a bit of edge to it. I’ll wear smart trousers with a shirt, tie my hair back in a slick pony tail, but then wear ankle boots. I like blue a lot. I have like 50 shades of blue in my wardrobe! And then on weekends, I like wearing jeans. Jeans with a shirt, jeans with a blouse, jeans with a t-shirt! Jeans with trainers, jeans with boots, jeans with heels! So, let’s get back to your question, what is my style: it’s comfy, fun and colourful!
2. Where do you find inspiration? I choose my clothes depending on the weather, and what I will be doing. I get ideas from the fashion bloggers that I follow on Instagram and Pinterest, but I just don’t have their body shapes, so most of the things they wear, I cannot. I will try to imitate some of their ideas, but it will never look the same. (of course it won’t! Because their style won’t make me, me!!)
3. What is your favourite fashion icon? Ooh, this is a hard one. I don’t really have one. I really like Iris Apfel, when I grow old, I wanna be as loud in colours as she is! I also like Yuko Yamaguchi. She’s very kawaii! And for someone a little younger, Gwen Stefani. I’ve always liked her, since I was a teenager. I have tried copying her style a couple of times (even the pink hair!) but I was never brave enough. And now she has her own line! My old flatmate in London has one of her coats. LOVE! One day, I will buy something of hers.
4. Where do you normally shop? Online! I visit the high street shops online, like Zara, H&M and Mango, but I also like Shopbop, The Outnet, Net-a-Porter, and Nordstrom. I also like going into a shop and trying things on, although I haven’t been in a real shop for a long time. Is that bad? Have I lost touch with the real world and become fully digitalised?!

5. What is your favourite city to live in and why? Considering I’ve only lived in three cities, but in many towns, I haven’t really found my favourite city. I have lived the longest in Surabaya, Indonesia, because I grew up there, and I would call that home. But I also call home, the town I moved to in Germany, when we left Indonesia. We went to California last year on holidays, and I fell in love with Santa Cruz. Of course, visiting a town/city/country is completely different to living there. If I never had to work a day in my life any more, I would choose Indonesia as a country to live in, and Yogyakarta as my city of choice. Back to the roots, baby!

DSC_0276DSC_0197DSC_0263 DSC_0260
Dewi is wearing: Top, trousers, cardigan: H&M – all old, Boots: Oasis – Winter 2013, Coat: The North Face – Winter 2012, Bag: Longchamp Balzane brown and the black one, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bracelet: Sal y Limon, Make Up: Nars – Wild at Heart Palette – used on eyes, Nars – Maui Dusty Rose Multiple Stick – used as blush, Lipstick: Mac – Pleasure Bomb

Life is a puzzle

A few weeks ago I had the strangest dream that made me wake up all of the sudden in the middle of the night and process what I had dreamt about. Our door bell rang and my husband went to open the door. As he did that, he got knocked out or shot (not very clear but I know he fell on the floor) and from behind our door, Merry Streep with an insane haircut, came out. She had just knocked down my husband on the floor… And then I woke up terrified. Strange dream, right? A few days ago we watched August: Osage County and I remembered my dream. I laughed, I empathised with the characters and I almost cried at the end when I heard the song from Kings of Leon (Last Mile Home)… and now we got tickets to see Kings of Leon live on stage in June. Pieces of a puzzle that fell into place…gotta love life!

DSC_0330 DSC_0340 DSC_0338 DSC_0336

DSC_0342 DSC_0362 DSC_0347

What I wore: Zara shorts, Scarf and Necklace, H&M sweater, Asos Leather Jacket (old but I like this one as well), Vintage Leopard bag, Carvela Tara  Leather Mix Cut Out Ankle boots.


Style Crush

I always liked to observe people, to see what they wear and how they style things. Long before the internet, fashion blogs and Pinterest, I would just study the people around me, strangers or not. I read a quote somewhere that if you make sure to always keep your eyes open, then you have all the inspiration you need around you. And this is so true, especially when it comes to fashion and style. Most of the influences we pick up are from people around us. So I had this crazy though of focusing a post, every now and then, on someone stylish that can inspire us and give us a few pointers on their own personal style.

I chose to start with my cousin, Paula, that is by far one of the most fashionable people I know. We met during the holidays and we had a little Q&A for this post. She is so good at looking flawless day and night, and I can always count on her when I need advice on what to wear or where to find a good bargain. She is a very creative person and she designed Stylish Dreams header. Here is a glimpse of her personal style.


  1. How would you define your style? I have always loved fashion and ever since I was a kid I absolutely adored to dress up and customize my clothes. My wardrobe is defined by the classic cut and all black uniforms. My color palette is black and more black, sometimes paired with nude colors and golden accessories. I adore stiletto pumps, stiletto boots and of course stiletto sandals. I am not worried about what is in fashion or not, I trust my instinct and know that my style will get better with time.
  2. Where do you find inspiration? Nowadays one can find inspiration everywhere. I am quite an old fashion kind of gal and must say that my inspiration still comes from paper back fashion magazines and films. Over the last decade I have never missed an issue of Vogue or Elle. I do follow a few blogs such as  Advance Style Hora Confessions, The Green Style Blog, Kate loves me.
  3. Who is your favourite fashion icon? I have to say I don’t follow a particular fashion icon, however I have always been a big fan of Carine Roitfeld. Also lately I have been very impressed by Victoria Beckham. Her creations look really chic and confortable.
  4. Where do you normally shop? Like our beloved Carrie Bradshaw use to say : “Shopping is my cardio”. Living in London offers me amazing shopping opportunities. I shop from Harrods to Tkmaxx, I love looking for bargains on Buy my wardrobe and going to sample sales.
  5. Which is your favourite city to live in and why? My all time favourite city would be the fabulous New York because it gave me a feeling of freedom and lots of energy, because Sex and the City took place there, because Manhattan cocktail was invented there and so on. Nevertheless I am quite happy where I live now, the colourful London.

DSC_6758DSC_6757DSC_6744 DSC_6743 DSC_6739

Paula is wearing: Jumpsuit by H&M (old) but I like this one and this one , Shoes Christian Louboutin Pigall 100, similar ones here.


Boring cold days

Cold winter days are such a good excuse to stop dressing nice. I mean who wants to wear heels when it’s snowing, or put on a skirt or a dress?  But as much as I love the warmth and the comfort of my home, going outside is a must and dressing boring is, well…boring. So every morning I try to mix and match my clothes so that in the end I don’t freeze and I still look like myself. (between you and me, the summer version of Myself is so much better). In the pictures below, I opted for a short skirt and a loose sweater, paired with ankle booties. Oh and, you know what adds the extra touch to even the most plain outfit? Accessories. They save me everyday!

DSC_6333 DSC_6339 DSC_6343

DSC_6329 DSC_6354 DSC_6358 DSC_6355

I am wearing: Zara Coat, Part Two sweater, H&M Skirt (old), Topshop Booties, H&M necklace, Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Satchel (on sale now) – more colours here


Summer couple look

Last Sunday we went out for a coffee near our house and one of our friends took the below pictures of me and Traian. We have a lot of pictures of places we see but very few of the two of us, and very few that we actually like. So when I saw this ones I was extremely pleased, even more because Traian and I have somehow managed to wear matching outfits. Thank you, Vali! You made this girl very happy!

Him: Zara shoes, T-shirt, Shorts and Aldo hat.
Her: Banana Republic dress, Pull and Bear wedges,
Mango bag, H&M hat.

White Sneakers

I am not much of a sporty wear kind of girl. I do casual, but not sporty, except when I go to the gym, of course. But with Converse sneakers I feel casual, sporty, classy and so comfortable. I have had a few pairs along the years and my latest addition are the white ones. I normally don’t wear white shoes, but when it comes to sneakers they are so perfect. They complete a casual outfit, like the one in the pictures. I wore it for a walk though the city on a chilly Saturday in March.


Prints for Spring

What do you think about prints? Me, I am all in. So far, I only have print pants and one dress and I love them. I am considering a nice jacket as well, but I am still on the lookout. Since I associate prints with Spring, I can’t wait for the new season to kick in, but as you might have already noticed, the weather is not there yet (in Europe at least), but I am. So, yesterday I put together an outfit that I wore out for a dinner with friends. It felt classy and put together, but casual as well. I love how all the colours mix together especially the accessories with the print of the pants.

The goodies: Zara pants and ankle boots, H&M blouse, Michael Kors tote and watch,
 vintage brooch, Massimo Duti and Mango bracelets.