Office wear

Hello everyone,

I am one of those persons whose day is much better when wearing a good outfit. Whether I go to work or have dinner with friends, I must feel confident with what I’m wearing. I don’t save clothes for special occasions, I will wear a hand painted colourful dress at the office without any remorse.

Every morning before choosing what to wear I pick the shoes first and then the clothes. 90% of the time I’m wearing heels and here I must quote Victoria Beckham “I can’t think in flats”. Heels empower me.

When deciding what to wear at work I try not to show too much cleavage and legs even though sometimes I get too influenced by what the girls in “The good wife” and “Suits” are wearing :P.

Last Friday at the office I chose to wear a pencil faux leather skirt with a white shirt and a pair of heels. It know it sounds like a normal office “uniform” but I always add some accessories that reflect my personality, this time was a waist leather belt from Alexander McQueen.


Office1 office2 office3 office4

I am wearing: Jacket from Max Mara Studio , Pencil faux leather skirt from ZARA White shirt from Hawes&CurtisChristian Louboutin heelsAlexander McQueen leather belt 


London calling

Hi all, Andreea’s cousin from London here. I am happy to announce an exciting collaboration between Andreea and myself. From now on I will try to inspire you through my posts, because you know, sometimes shoes speak louder than words :). I will be writing mostly about fashion, but also about London life and the multitude of events happening in this amazing city.

The past weekend I started working for this project. This blogging thing is not as easy as one may think (congrats cuz for being so good at it). I finally decided what to wear, I did my hair and, lucky me, outside was windy and rainy. Ah, the joy of living in London! I was so happy to wear my new favourite dress, by the talented Romanian designer Ovidiu Pop. A hand painted dress it’s definitely a statement piece in any wardrobe and it certainly makes heads turn. I styled it with a long coat from The Kooples to which I added a fur collar, I am a huge fan of fur and truly believe that any outfit can be improved by adding some fur to it.

So here it goes my introduction, I hope you will enjoy my posts and trust me, the best is yet to come.


2 3 4



Leather Skirt

When it comes to leather, I stick to jackets that I think are the best thing ever. Skirts and trousers for example are not my usual scene. So to find a skirt in real leather that appeals to me, was a very nice surprise, especially since these days I seem to struggle to find clothes that give me the instant urge to buy them (it might just be time to take a break from shopping at Zara). Not that Mango it that much different from Zara, but funny enough my skirt was a welcome distraction in their store. The wrap effect was such a hit with me since I had been looking for something similar for some time now. So here it goes my new leather pencil skirt that I am so happy to own and to have in my wardrobe as one of those items that will be hopefully worn many years from now.



                            Mango Leather Skirt, Cardigan old but similar here, Musette Bag and Boots

DSC_0735 DSC_0743 DSC_0744 DSC_0745 DSC_0747


Just another fashion moment

My dears,

Happy to report that today I got five minutes where I could model one of my recent purchases from my new favourite store, COS. I love taking pictures of my outfits but with Luca around it is almost impossible to find the right moment where I look impeccable, we have the perfect setting and he is a happy camper so I can strike a pose (between you and me the universe really does not understand the concept of fashion Mama). Today we did have the perfect rooftop terrace thanks to Hiltl, but my circle shape jersey top was nothing like a circle and my lipstick was not refreshed…so yeah, not the best fashion moment, but nevertheless a very nice lunch with my boys and my friend Dewi. Definitely a spot we will return and hopefully more pictures with lipstick on will be taken 🙂


I call this the face: “Oh no, he is not going to do that!” and it can be spotted whenever Luca decides to through everything in his reach on the floor.


Try and resist this face 🙂


Water is a favourite especially during meal time.


COS top and necklace, Zara jeans, Hotstepper booties.



Have a great week, luvs!

Swiss Designers

One of the highlights from my last Saturday was taking part in an event of Meet and Greet the designers, organised by the Creative Hub, a platform that is meant to support and promote Swiss designers. It was part of the Blickfang fair that happened also in Zurich this past weekend.

I got to meet a lot of talented people that are passionate about their work. It is always so refreshing to see people that are able to follow their dream while making sure they support the environment and the local communities. And to have an organisation like the Creative Hub to work closely with the designers and to help them in every step of creating and setting a brand is amazing. All you need is an idea and a dream and the rest can follow.

Here are a few of the designers I talked to at the event. They are all so brave and inspirational and I am so happy to be able to introduce you to a few of them. Make sure you check their work in the links below.

Salomé Bäumlin designs a collection of rugs made in Marocco. She travels to Marocco to make sure that she choses only the most sustainable materials and that the hands that make the rugs are local Maroccan women that work in their home, while also taking care of their children and working on the farm. Salome believes that we should support local craftsmanship such as rug making, that are now in danger of becoming obsolete. The collection is amazing and each rug tells a story. 

SLOWW is a new brand that makes amazing ponchos and capes. They are produced in Germany under the motto “excellence made easy” they create luxurious pieces that look fab.

Isabell Gatzen designs modern, simple products for home and office. A clear focus on design, natural materials and lasting value and quality: “My goal is, with young but still timeless design to design objects that can be passed from one generation to the next without losing their value.”

Simone Huser is a fashion designer with a strong focus on printing. Many of her home textiles, her silk foulards or cushions, which are filled with Swiss pinewood, have some form of print on it. That’s why, most printings are drawn from nature themes or from Swiss cultural heritage – interpreted in a modern way. When looking at her products one will think about happy holidays in the Alps, skiing, or family meals around a wooden table. The designs seem to activate memories, even the sense of smell…DSC_0236 DSC_0198 DSC_0201 DSC_0202 DSC_0235


xox, Andreea.

Brunch at our local farm

First of August is the national day of Switzerland and it’s customary to celebrate it with a farm brunch. Most farms open their doors and organise a brunch with local products. This year was the first year we attended and we chose a farm very close to where we live. It was quite impressive since they had a lot of guests and we got to taste very flavoured fruits and vegetables. Once again it was proven to me that buying our products locally it is worth it. They might be more expensive but at least we eat something that has taste. Even though I know it is not always possible, I am definitely going to try to source more of our food from local suppliers (looking forward to the tomatoes from our terrace that are soon gonna be ready to eat).

But back to our 1st of August brunch that started as a very grey and rainy day. Luckily it got better and by noon the sun was shinning again. I decided to get the rainy boots out and I wore them with a skirt I found at Esprit in sale.

DSC_8572 DSC_8574 DSC_8577 DSC_8580 DSC_8582 DSC_8585 DSC_8589 DSC_8594


I am wearing: Esprit Skirt, Massimo Dutti Sweater, Hunter boots, Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses , Michael Kors Watch, Mango Hat (old collection).

Summer hat

We’ve been pretty busy over here. I went back to work in June, my parents came for a visit and Luca had his daycare accommodation period. Plus it is summer and we are trying to spend as much time as possible outside.

My new favourite item when it comes to enjoying warmer and sunny days is a nice  hat. I am just in love with the one I got from Paris from Banana Republic (free shipping over 50 euros and currently having a big sale) that I could wear it every day. And honestly I don’t know of a better method to protect my face from the sun when we are out in the middle of the day. It is my must have of the season, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.


DSC_7730 DSC_7686 DSC_7682 DSC_6994 DSC_6993 DSC_6989 DSC_6986 DSC_6960


The dress I am wearing in the pictures is from Closet, old collection.
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The blue shirt

I have always loved a nice shirt, but recently I started wearing them quite often. I am such a fan of the loose fit ones that go well with skinny jeans and not only. I love a soft fabric that still looks well put together after a few hours of sitting and fussing around. The shirt I am wearing is unfortunately not available anymore, but I plan on stocking up on a few more similar to this one.

DSC_6417 DSC_6420 DSC_6422 DSC_6424 DSC_6427 DSC_6429 DSC_6437 DSC_6438 DSC_6449

I am wearing: Banana Republic blue shirt, Asos flats and jeans, Marc Jacobs bag. (click on the picture below to get to the item page)

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Pointy flats

I have a thing for flats these days. I have been wearing  flats ever since Luca joined us mostly because I needed to be comfortable. But also because they make me feel good and they seem to go with my new found Mama style. Yes, I seem to live in skinny capri jeans and flats these days. And I have found that a pointy flat is the best. It is such a practical shoe for busy women and on top of that it elongates the leg, which it perfect for mini me.


DSC_6151 DSC_6156 DSC_6157 DSC_6159 DSC_6160 DSC_6161 DSC_6165


I am wearing: Zara sweater and jeans, Massimo Dutti blouse, Bata pointy flats and Celine handbag.

Here are my favourite pointy flats from around the web:

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I bet all of us feel inspired by Spring. I know I fell like a new beginning is unfolding right in front of our eyes. When I was home at my parents, I loved how everything was blooming and from one day to another we had a different scenery in the garden. I felt like I had to take some pictures there, but I hardly found the time to dress up. When I am away I always travel with at least one pair of comfortable heels. You never know when you need to look a bit more polished. My look is just that, a running errands look, or a late afternoon coffee date with friends.

DSC_6035 DSC_6036 DSC_6040 DSC_6044 DSC_6047


I am wearing: Sezane heels, Pnk Casual troussers, Zara Denim Shirt, Alexander Mcq clutch.