My uniform: ankle boots and a dress

Every season I look for a new coat, a new pair of boots and a few dresses. I practically live in ankle boots paired with a dress and this season I have found a very good selection at About you. They have the best online community and I am so happy to get to be inspired by it, especially in winter when I find I lack so much of the energy from the sunny days. This weekend I chose to brave the cold and wear a spring/autumn coat with a black open back dress that is still pretty warm. Perfect for a wine tasting on the Zurich wine ships. It was fun and it always feel good to put an outfit together for you guys. Hope you like it and hope you enjoy browsing the About you website. Happy shopping!

dsc_3295 dsc_3296 dsc_3301 dsc_3314 dsc_3316 dsc_3320

   I am wearing: Goldie London coat now on sale (available in yellow as well) and Selected femme dress.

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Fall layers



Brrrr, it’s that time of year again. Summer is long gone so we have to start pulling our boots and coats out from the back of our closet. My advice this autumn: don’t be afraid to layer your clothes, in this way you will not only keep yourself warm but you will also look cool and your outfit will be much more interesting.

Jumpers over shirts are my favourite. Oh, the joy of layering fashion! Throw a beautiful black jumper over a white flared shirt and you have an amazing office attire. Going out after work? This outfit is so versatile that it can double duty. Take the jumper off and you are ready to hit the town.


dsc_0091 dsc_0130 file-01-11-2016-23-13-08

I am wearing:

ROMWE White crisscross back ruffle top

Jumper – old but similar here

Leather skirt – old but similar here




There is life after work

After work I often go out for drinks with my friends. Come to think of it, that’s what makes me go through the day without going mad :P. We all need a bit of relaxation at the end of our busy days and for me that is drinking a glass of wine and chatting with my girls.

In terms of appearance I can always get away with my office attire since I am never underdressed… maybe sometimes a bit overdressed. But a very wise man once said “You can never be overdressed or overeducated” (Oscar Wilde) therefore I’m good. All I need to do is refresh my make up, add a bit of perfume and I’m good to go. Girls, here I come!

In the content I am presenting today I am wearing a monochrome outfit that I consider so sophisticated yet so easy to pair and wear. The pièce de résistance of the ensemble is the waistcoat by Cristina Sabaiduc, which is not only very chic but also quite practical because of its large pockets.

1 3 4 5

I am wearing:

Cristina Sabaiduc Waistcoat

Maje Trousers – sold out but similar here

Asos turtle neck top

Steve Madden Pumps

First trip to the Zoo

We all remember our trips to the Zoo from when we were kids. Mine were usually on Sunday and they involved ice-cream. Nowadays I love the zoo as much as when I was a child and it give me great joy to be able to share the experience with Luca. He is now at the age when he starts to be interested in the animals, to know what sounds they make and to see him so caring and curious it makes my heart melt. We already went to the Basel Zoo and signed up for a 1 year subscription to the Zurich Zoo (I think the one in Zurich is better plus closer to our home). We only saw a part of it since it is quite big and with a toddler that has just started walking, it gets slow sometimes. But as I said we will become regulars. Check out some pics from our first visits to the Zoo with the little one.

DSC_0945-2 DSC_0950-2 DSC_0954-2 DSC_0976-2 DSC_0978-2 DSC_0987-2 DSC_0994-2 DSC_1000-2 DSC_1004-2

Dream office look

I’ve always dreamt in having a job in the City of London. You know, the business and financial centre, where all the important decisions are taken… so I’ve heard at least. Having an office on one of the top floor of the Gherkin or the Shard, drinking my morning coffee while enjoying the view. I bet I would not complain on Mondays (HAHAHAH) One day, Paula, one day!

Even though my work wardrobe is far from corporate and I rarely find myself reading the Financial Times I still think I would fit perfectly in there. In my opinion, a good office outfit doesn’t have to be a boring grey suit. Of course you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself by wearing a short skirt and see through top (only if it’s from Dolce&Gabbana and you pair it with a Dior skirt) like Bridget Jones. Let’s be creative, shall we?

This is what I would wear on a normal day at my spectacular office at the Shard (dreaming is free, my dears, muahhh).

DSC_1169 DSC_1201 DSC_1215 DSC_1227 DSC_1250

I am wearing:

Cristina Sabaiduc Scarf 

The Kooples coat 

Michael kors Mini bag – similar here 

Asos trousers 

Massimo Dutti Sandals – similar here 

Dior Sunglasses – similar here 

Bank Holiday Weekend

When it comes to long weekends I am the happiest person alive. And no, it’s not because I want to lie in bed and sleep in. I rarely make plans, I’m more a “dolce far niente” girl, but I always try to get up early, get dressed and go out while breakfast is still served. A perfect morning starts with a cup of coffee in my fav coffee shop in town, which luckily is on my doorstep, Starfish Loves Coffee. They make an excellent flat white and a fingers licking chocolate brownie. I’m literally drooling on my keyboard now.

Last Friday, unfortunately, I had to also do some work, so my bank holiday attire was a mix in between casual and elegant. The weather was nice, it was sunny and wasn’t raining, so sandals it is 🙂  who cares it’s March? I paired a large Stefanel knit with a pair of tailored crop trousers from Banana Republic and sandals from Massimo Dutti. Oh, and let’s not forget about the ever so stylish Ray Ban shades which bring this outfit to life. Perfect!

1jpg 2-2 3-2 4-2 5 6

I am wearing:

Stefanel Sweater

Ray Ban Aviators

Massimo Dutti sandals (old) but similar here and

Banana Republic trousers (old) but similar here and here


Sometimes all you need is a yellow/mustard coat, a bit of sun, a new pair of loafers and a cute baby to keep you outside. So far we did not spend enough time at the playground with winter and Luca not walking on his own. But come spring that has to change. Enjoy the long Easter weekend!


DSC_0860 DSC_0863 DSC_0864 DSC_0866 DSC_0875 DSC_0879 DSC_0881 DSC_0890 DSC_0894 DSC_0895

I am wearing:

ROH coat (found in a shop in Romania last October,

fell instantly in love with it,

perfect for Spring and now I discover the brand has an online store as well)

Navyboot loafers (found at the outlet but similar here)

 Esprit chinos

Massimo Duti bag (no longer available but similar here).

Office wear

Hello everyone,

I am one of those persons whose day is much better when wearing a good outfit. Whether I go to work or have dinner with friends, I must feel confident with what I’m wearing. I don’t save clothes for special occasions, I will wear a hand painted colourful dress at the office without any remorse.

Every morning before choosing what to wear I pick the shoes first and then the clothes. 90% of the time I’m wearing heels and here I must quote Victoria Beckham “I can’t think in flats”. Heels empower me.

When deciding what to wear at work I try not to show too much cleavage and legs even though sometimes I get too influenced by what the girls in “The good wife” and “Suits” are wearing :P.

Last Friday at the office I chose to wear a pencil faux leather skirt with a white shirt and a pair of heels. It know it sounds like a normal office “uniform” but I always add some accessories that reflect my personality, this time was a waist leather belt from Alexander McQueen.


Office1 office2 office3 office4

I am wearing: Jacket from Max Mara Studio , Pencil faux leather skirt from ZARA White shirt from Hawes&CurtisChristian Louboutin heelsAlexander McQueen leather belt 


Leather Skirt

When it comes to leather, I stick to jackets that I think are the best thing ever. Skirts and trousers for example are not my usual scene. So to find a skirt in real leather that appeals to me, was a very nice surprise, especially since these days I seem to struggle to find clothes that give me the instant urge to buy them (it might just be time to take a break from shopping at Zara). Not that Mango it that much different from Zara, but funny enough my skirt was a welcome distraction in their store. The wrap effect was such a hit with me since I had been looking for something similar for some time now. So here it goes my new leather pencil skirt that I am so happy to own and to have in my wardrobe as one of those items that will be hopefully worn many years from now.



                            Mango Leather Skirt, Cardigan old but similar here, Musette Bag and Boots

DSC_0735 DSC_0743 DSC_0744 DSC_0745 DSC_0747


Just another fashion moment

My dears,

Happy to report that today I got five minutes where I could model one of my recent purchases from my new favourite store, COS. I love taking pictures of my outfits but with Luca around it is almost impossible to find the right moment where I look impeccable, we have the perfect setting and he is a happy camper so I can strike a pose (between you and me the universe really does not understand the concept of fashion Mama). Today we did have the perfect rooftop terrace thanks to Hiltl, but my circle shape jersey top was nothing like a circle and my lipstick was not refreshed…so yeah, not the best fashion moment, but nevertheless a very nice lunch with my boys and my friend Dewi. Definitely a spot we will return and hopefully more pictures with lipstick on will be taken 🙂


I call this the face: “Oh no, he is not going to do that!” and it can be spotted whenever Luca decides to through everything in his reach on the floor.


Try and resist this face 🙂


Water is a favourite especially during meal time.


COS top and necklace, Zara jeans, Hotstepper booties.



Have a great week, luvs!