Our holiday in Tuscany

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One week already since we got back from our holiday in Tuscany. It went so fast that week and I feel like I am constantly running out of time. Work is crazy, Luca is growing so fast and the time I spend with him seems so not enough. I hate complaining about how busy my life is so I won’t do it. I will instead share with you all the positive things that come out from my days. And our holiday was the perfect summary of any parent’s life. We travelled and saw new places, we slept but hardly enough, we laugh, we cried, we ate good food, we got sick and we shared everything with the people we love. Yes, not your normal holiday in the sense that you relax and slow down, but nevertheless our first holiday with Luca. I remember the pictures from the holidays we took with my parents and the memories are so precious, so hopefully we can offer that to our son, good times that we will look back to fondly.

Seeing Tuscany was always on our wish list. We rented a villa and together with 2 other couples we spend a week there. We had a pool and being by car we took day trips in the region. The tuscan sun was kind with us and we had some lovely temperatures so that we even went one day to the beach. The pictures above are from Siena and San Gimignano, a small village where we had a wine tasting.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a good week.

xox, Andreea



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