The Weekend Bag #1


Celine Luggage Phantom, Suede Vermilion, Summer 2014

I have suddenly got the urge to talk about bags. As any fashionista out there I love handbags, all types and sorts. I love a new design, but I am also crazy about the classic vintage ones (yes, the crazy expensive ones).

And because there are so many great ones I want to focus on one each week and share it with you. Let’s start with my all time favourite, the Celine Luggage Phantom. It is one of those bags that once you own it, you know that it can’t get any better than this. (It’s the Ferrari of handbags guys). You’ve seen it on every celebrity and fashionista since it is a timeless piece. The new summer 2014 collection features some pretty nice colours, but I would not say no to a classic black one. You can only buy a Celine bag in store, they are not available online and the price tag is one to make you question your mental sanity. You can nevertheless find some good deals on Vestiare Collective, like this one.






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