Romanian holiday

We are ending our one week Romanian tour as we are heading back to Zurich today. I love being back home, since it is our time with the family and friends. It is always good to be back to the places where you grew up and that you know so well. It is also a good reminder of the things that matter the most in this world, like the love of your family. We are incredible lucky to have that and to have the roots that we have. With every trip home I seem to discover more about myself and the support and love that we need so much. Not having our family close makes us cherish them more and it makes the time spent together more intense and full of meaning.

We discovered a new beach this past week. Actually it is someone we know that has created this special corner at the Black Sea shore. OHA beach has the best decor and it is so chill and relaxing and no crowds. If you find yourself in the area you should definitely stop by. We loved it.

Next on our stops was my parent’s house. It was so welcoming and as always, I fell in love with the garden. My Mum loves this house and gardening is one of her favourite activities. She does an amazing job every year and she manages to have the best flowers and green outdoor space.