Friday Mindset

I am glad this week is ending, first of all because I am fighting a cold and second of all because this weekend we are going to Paris by train. I love Paris (who doesn’t?). It has been my soul city ever since I visited it at age of 10, worked there for a summer in my early twenties and then returned for a semester as an Erasmus Student. Some of my best memories are from Paris and every time I return it’s something special, because I always see it with different eyes. Also hoping for some good weather so that we can take lots of nice pictures. Here are my finds from the internet for you.

Elisabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love talks about artists and how they can manage creativity.

Fashion Blogger, The Blond Salad shares images from her home.

This man is in space and he sings a cover from David’s Bowie, Space Oddity. So cool.

See live photos from Cannes red carpet. I love this photo of Leonardo di Caprio.

I know these days everything is about gluten free stuff, but I am so looking forward to a french baguette in Paris. It is my absolute favourite bread and nobody makes it better then the French.

Source here

This Romanian T-shirt by Romanian designer Adrian Oianu reminds me of my home country and the beauty that lies in our traditions.

I love this pair of Manolo’s .

I am thinking of buying this dress. It would make a great summer office outfit.

Lately I have been cooking quinoa and this is a recipe I recommend. If you did not try quinoa yet, here is what you need to know about it.

Have a nice weekend my dear readers! I will look for the coolest stuff to share with you from Paris. Instagram or Facebook follow me!


  1. Have fun in Paris!