10 Ideas on how to store accessories

If you are a girly girl then you must have a lot of accessories, from jewellery to bags, shoes, perfumes and make up. My bathroom stores a lot of my makeup because that’s were I usually get ready in the mornings. Jewellery is stored mostly in the bedroom and even though I manage to arrange everything in  a very decent and practical way, I still find myself in a chaos once I start picking what I want to wear. One reason is the fact that I don’t manage to rearrange everything the way it was before. So you can imagine that when I saw the below pictures I was very pleased. The best thing is that they offer very practical ideas for storage so that you can actually see all your jewellery before you chose it.

The Frame idea is brilliant. You can take a frame you like, staple or glue a piece of fabric
to it and just pin your jewellery to it.
Similar tray can be found in Ikea
A cake plate to put your perfumes on it 

Another usage for you kitchen Bowls, especially if you like to collect them, like me.

What a cool idea to place your bag, once you get home, on a stack of books.
Imagine you put coffee beans instead and you get the smell of coffee as well.

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