Sex and the city inspiration

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Sex and the city, the famous HBO series, I am totally addicted. I saw it I don’t know how many times and, let’s face it, we all thought at one point in our lives that we could be Carrie. I haven’t watched it in the last year, but thanks to my new Pinterest board I revisited a few favorite moments from the show. If you were a fan than I am sure you will enjoy them as much as me. And since this weekend I am planing a girls night at my place, this also helps to set the mood. Wishing you all a fun and stylish weekend!

What should I wear pose?

Sipping cocktails

Source: via Andreea on Pinterest

Great Carrie outfits

This is one way to get out of a cab and look at the shoes she is wearing.

Running while wearing high heels, learn from the best!

I can’t help but wonder…. Carrie style.

And here is how you play with the colors

Vogue will always be Vogue

Matching outfit with Stanford

And some Samantha lines

A friends advice

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  • I might just get season 4 (was it 4?) to get some short hairdo inspiration 😉

  • Yes, i think it was 4 🙂