Wedding special – What we wore?

Finally, after two very long months, all the pictures from our wedding are ready. And now is time to share with you a few details, from all the planning and of course, the results. Special thanks to all that contributed to this great day for us. I will start with what the bride and groom wore. We wanted something simple and elegant, with a hint of vintage. As per my dress, I knew I wanted a designer dress that would be sexy but not too much, fluid, well fitted and not white. Yes, I didn’t really want a white dress, and I still regret that I didn’t go with light pink. But maybe for our 25th wedding anniversary! When I discovered Maria Lucia Hohan’s dresses, I fell instantly in love with them. From the fabric, to the design, the dress was perfect and it made me feel so special and ready to face the big day.

The shoes were again very well researched. If you remember this post, you will understand my choice. They have the right amount of sparkle for me to feel special, they were comfortable enough to get me through most of the day, and they were very reasonable in price. I think finding the right shoes was more time consuming then deciding on the actual dress. And imagine my surprise when I walked into a Zara store in Zurich, looking for anything else then wedding shoes, and bumping into these beauties (actually Traian was the one that showed them to me 🙂 I guess it was meant to be.

As per the accessories, I didn’t want too much because as one of my friends said, the actual dress is more than you need that day. So I chose to wear only earnings and a bracelet that my mother in law ordered for me to a Romanian jewelry designer, Daniela Bordeanu. The clutch, was my something old, it was the one that Traian’s Mum wore on her wedding day and it was just perfect to fit in all the essentials that a bride needs to have with her on that day.

The headpiece was also handmade by a very nice lady from Mery’s in Zurich. It was made with a piece of the fabric of the dress. I went for a fascinator instead of a veil because I felt it was more me, and it matched better the dress.

The weeding bouquet was a combination of flowers. Besides the peonies and the colors, the rest was all the florist choice and talent.

The groom’s outfit was put together by a very talented Romanian stylist, Adina Buzatu. After I told her about the dress I’d picked and the kind of wedding we were planning, she put together this outfit for Traian. He liked it instantly and felt very comfortable wearing it. I absolutely loved the color of the jacket and the detailing. It was just the right amount of color without being too flashy. He looked stunning!

And finally a picture of the two of us. All the pictures were made by the talented photographers from Adora Studio.