Post pregnancy outfit


Finding the time to get dressed up these days is not easy. All that is related to me and my fashion sense is in the back of my mind somewhere and there is no time or energy to bring it forward. I cherish those 10 minutes when I get to pick up my outfit for the day and I want to be comfortable and baby friendly so even my jewellery and make up are minimal. I am lucky to have my … [Read More...]

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My Birth Story

I though long and hard about writing this post, since it is such a private matter. What made me decide to share my birth story is the fact that I remember the curiosity I had before giving birth. I wanted information and I wanted it from women that I could … [Read More...]


Make your holiday table stand out

I am a big fan of hosting dinner parties. Cooking comes relatively easy to me and having close friends and family around a table is my idea of a good time. With the winter holidays fast approaching I thought I would look for a few ideas on how to make the … [Read More...]

Marc Jacobs Giveaway

Marc Jacobs Giveaway

Guys a lot has happened since I last wrote on the blog. Our baby, Luca Albert Belc, was born one week ago (21 of Nov) and ever since our lives have turned only around him. We are beyond happy and everyday is filled with new discoveries. But today I won't tell … [Read More...]


The waiting game

I am not even going to mention how impatient I feel these days. The wait to give birth to your child is something I could not compare with anything I have experienced before. You know for a fact that you are about to experience a life changing event and … [Read More...]


Travel – Catalina Island

I woke up today a bit later than usual and had the nostalgia of sunny days. I was daydreaming about the warm summer days and the feeling of walking on a sandy beach. Normally this would have left me feeling sad. but when I think of how much our life and … [Read More...]


Are we there yet?!

Well clearly we are not there yet (week 38 and 3 days), since I am still sitting in our living room and blogging. I am officially in my maternity leave and I am nesting big time. I am organizing every closet and kitchen cabinet in the house while trying to … [Read More...]


Beauty – my skin care essentials

Every woman has her own beauty routine that she swears by. I always try to improve mine by listening to what my body and face are telling me. The last very powerful reaction I got from my skin was, I believe, two years ago when I went from a mixed skin to a … [Read More...]


Home decor: Nursery

We have finally managed to finish the baby's room this weekend. I am in my 37 week and our little fellow has his special room waiting for him. It took us three months to finish everything, from painting 2 walls and then deciding exactly what furniture and … [Read More...]


Plaid shirt

Ever since I entered the last mile of my pregnancy, I appreciate more and more the comfort of dresses, flats and tights instead of jeans. I find that most of the trousers are too tight over my belly and that can get pretty uncomfortable through out the day. … [Read More...]


New traditions and a giveaway!

This year end is going to be extra special for us. Besides the fact that we will welcome our first born in November, we will celebrate our first Christmas in our new place, as a family of three. This sadly means that we won't be able to travel home to see our … [Read More...]


Sunday walk to Stanserhorn

This past weekend we experienced what it would resemble an Indian Summer weekend in Switzerland. The sun was shinning and the temperatures were over 20 degrees, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to go up in the mountains and enjoy a bit of fresh air and … [Read More...]


Pregnancy update – week 35

Time doesn't sit still especially when you are pregnant and you are counting each week with such excitement. I still can't believe I am this close to meeting our baby. It feels like just yesterday I was announcing that I am pregnant and now I have this huge … [Read More...]


Seasonal activities

I am in love with fall especially since this year it’s filled with a lot of emotions and love. Our baby boy is due in November and until this year I was never a big fan of this month since the weather gets so grey and the days become so short. But now with a … [Read More...]


Shop a sale

Asos is kicking of the week with a 50% sale and I had to flip though their website and select a few favourites. Check it out and let me know if you ordered something. They also offer free deliveries worldwide.   I wish you the best of … [Read More...]


Navy blue shirt dress

Another great find in Zara made my day last week. It is the shirt dress that can always come in handy since it is classy, but also business enough to wear at work. For me is as indispensable in my wardrobe as the little black dress. The colour is one of my … [Read More...]