Fridays with Luca


Friday are my blessings. I look forward to this day all week, because I get to have that one day with Luca. Our day starts at 6 normally. He has potty time, when he usually sits on the potty, does the smelly business while looking at pictures in all his books. Funny, I know, but this is now a routine. I change him from his PJs and then we normally have breakfast. It can be … [Read More...]

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There is life after work

After work I often go out for drinks with my friends. Come to think of it, that’s what makes me go through the day without going mad :P. We all need a bit of relaxation at the end of our busy days and for me that is drinking a glass of wine and chatting with … [Read More...]


Bern on a Monday

Mondays are usually the least favourite part of the week for most of us. Well this past week we actually had a good one since both of us took the day off to drive to Bern with Luca to get his passport sorted at the Romanian consulate. It was such a nice, warm … [Read More...]


First trip to the Zoo

We all remember our trips to the Zoo from when we were kids. Mine were usually on Sunday and they involved ice-cream. Nowadays I love the zoo as much as when I was a child and it give me great joy to be able to share the experience with Luca. He is now at the … [Read More...]


Dream office look

I’ve always dreamt in having a job in the City of London. You know, the business and financial centre, where all the important decisions are taken… so I’ve heard at least. Having an office on one of the top floor of the Gherkin or the Shard, drinking my … [Read More...]


Bank Holiday Weekend

When it comes to long weekends I am the happiest person alive. And no, it’s not because I want to lie in bed and sleep in. I rarely make plans, I’m more a “dolce far niente” girl, but I always try to get up early, get dressed and go out while breakfast is … [Read More...]



Sometimes all you need is a yellow/mustard coat, a bit of sun, a new pair of loafers and a cute baby to keep you outside. So far we did not spend enough time at the playground with winter and Luca not walking on his own. But come spring that has to change. … [Read More...]


Office wear

Hello everyone, I am one of those persons whose day is much better when wearing a good outfit. Whether I go to work or have dinner with friends, I must feel confident with what I’m wearing. I don’t save clothes for special occasions, I will wear a hand … [Read More...]


Motherhood talks- Luca at 15 months

Luca is 15 months and life is beautiful with a toddler running around the house. He is so happy and full of life that even in the earliest hours of the mornings it is contagious. Here is a list of activities that he does at this age. Favourite time: Bath … [Read More...]


Let’s talk laser hair removal

Hi, ladies. Today I decided to share with you my experience with laser hair removal. Who is not fed up of having hairy monkey legs and spending precious hours of our lives waxing them?! Just imagine how liberating must be to always be bikini ready, to be able … [Read More...]


London calling

Hi all, Andreea’s cousin from London here. I am happy to announce an exciting collaboration between Andreea and myself. From now on I will try to inspire you through my posts, because you know, sometimes shoes speak louder than words :). I will be writing … [Read More...]


Leather Skirt

When it comes to leather, I stick to jackets that I think are the best thing ever. Skirts and trousers for example are not my usual scene. So to find a skirt in real leather that appeals to me, was a very nice surprise, especially since these days I seem to … [Read More...]


Just another fashion moment

My dears, Happy to report that today I got five minutes where I could model one of my recent purchases from my new favourite store, COS. I love taking pictures of my outfits but with Luca around it is almost impossible to find the right moment where I look … [Read More...]


Late Start

Hi Luvs, We had a rough start of the year over here. We were sick for most part of this month and the three of us managed to take care of each other somehow. We had help as well from our family and I can finally say that we are now getting back to normal. … [Read More...]

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Minted Giveaway

Every year the holiday season brings families together. We all turn towards our loved ones, think of what they like and try to give them a nice gift that will let them know that they are always in our hearts. This is how I like to think of gifts, as that … [Read More...]


Swiss Designers

One of the highlights from my last Saturday was taking part in an event of Meet and Greet the designers, organised by the Creative Hub, a platform that is meant to support and promote Swiss designers. It was part of the Blickfang fair that happened also in … [Read More...]