Easter weekend


We are home for the Easter weekend and even though we are moments away from the sea and the beach, the weather is stubborn and keeping us inside. Weirdly enough I don't mind it, I have some cool books to keep me company and I just woke up from a nap. I also found a few things online that kept my mind busy. Take a look. A girl starts a 100 days push-ups challenge. So … [Read More...]

Featured Story


Cotton Candy Outfit

Life is full of simple pleasures that often don't require much effort to make us feel happy. I have a full list of daily activities that just make me feel good and one that I share with Traian is going out for ice-cream on Sundays afternoon. Usually we have a … [Read More...]


The sweatshirt

I am not a formal wear kind of girl. I will always combine a T-shirt with a nice skirt or my favourite jeans with a shirt and heels. I am lucky enough to have a day job where adding casual touches to formal outfits is allowed. It makes it very fun to dress up … [Read More...]


Looking for my next read

We are planning a holiday and every time when I think about travel I think about what books I am going to take with me. A good book is the second best companion when you are on the road (first one is a loved one, my husband in my case). On my last holiday I … [Read More...]



I don't know if it was Gaudi's city and his colours but when we were in Barcelona I was so colourful. Yellow, red and blue, grey and a splash of pink, that is already too much. I am a fan of less is more, but sometimes, and especially when I travel, I love to … [Read More...]


Mid week shopping list

We are finally settled in our new place, internet is working and I can finally get back to my online activities. And to top it all, Anthropologie and Asos are having a Spring sale. Don't you just love when something that you've been coveting for months just … [Read More...]