Our holiday in Tuscany


One week already since we got back from our holiday in Tuscany. It went so fast that week and I feel like I am constantly running out of time. Work is crazy, Luca is growing so fast and the time I spend with him seems so not enough. I hate complaining about how busy my life is so I won't do it. I will instead share with you all the positive things that come out from my days. … [Read More...]

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New Clothing Shop in Zurich

The moment I laid eyes on this shirt dress I knew it will be something that would look amazing and be a good fit for me. I fell in love with the soft silk and the print on it. The fact that it is longer in the back works wonders for my silhouette and it leaves … [Read More...]


Birthday wisdom

Today is my birthday and normally this day would have had a bittersweet feeling attached to it. I think that when it comes to birthdays, I was always a bit vain and selfish. I would focus on the fact that I was getting older and what that would do to me, like … [Read More...]


Mountain view

I am a big fan of the mountains now that I live in Switzerland. Taking a hike when you have a baby under one can sound very unrealistic, but we managed it for the first time a few weeks ago. We took the car until Oberrickenbach, then jumped in the cable car … [Read More...]


Life latelly

Two months already since I am back to work and things are beginning to resemble somewhat to normal for us. Luca is doing better and better at the daycare, I am home with him on Fridays and having a 3 days weekend is great. Life is not boring for sure. I am … [Read More...]


Brunch at our local farm

First of August is the national day of Switzerland and it's customary to celebrate it with a farm brunch. Most farms open their doors and organise a brunch with local products. This year was the first year we attended and we chose a farm very close to where we … [Read More...]


Travel: Alsace, France

When my parents came to visit us we took them for one day to France. We are less than 2 hours away from Alsace and the region is just so beautiful. I love the small villages from this part of France since they are so well preserved. Plus they are stunning with … [Read More...]


Wild berries tart

There is nothing I like more for desert during summer then a nice piece of fruit tart. Well there is ice cream as well, but still...baked goods are my weakness. Since wild berries seem to be everywhere I wrapped up a nice tart this past weekend. The good thing … [Read More...]


Travel: Mount Rigi

My favourite time of the year is now. I love summer and I believe it to be the time to travel around. We are so lucky to live in a country that offers so much to see and explore and this past weekend we went up on mountain Rigi. It was such a lovely day that … [Read More...]

Brunch on Sunday at Fork and Bottle in Zurich. So good!

Little things

I just put Luca down for his midday nap and while sipping my coffee, I am reviewing our week. It was a good one for our little family. Luca had the first full week at daycare and he is very much getting settled into the routine over there. He now has his first … [Read More...]


Summer hat

We've been pretty busy over here. I went back to work in June, my parents came for a visit and Luca had his daycare accommodation period. Plus it is summer and we are trying to spend as much time as possible outside. My new favourite item when it comes to … [Read More...]


Books to read this summer

I always have a list of books that I want to read. Do I get to read all of them? No, of course not, but let's hope that in this lifetime I will find the time to read more. I remember the time when reading was my only job. As a French Literature Major I had to … [Read More...]


Our Parisian weekend sans bebe

Finally I get to post a few updates about our weekend in Paris. It was the first time since we had Luca that we were just the two of us for 3 days. Thank God for Skype and for the internet since it made our time apart a lot more easier. It was nice to be away, … [Read More...]


Family photo session

We are getting ready for our first weekend away without the baby. It is one of those milestones that I feel we have to reach, but I am not sure how ready I am. I sometimes think six months is too soon for me to leave him, but in the same time I know that I … [Read More...]


The blue shirt

I have always loved a nice shirt, but recently I started wearing them quite often. I am such a fan of the loose fit ones that go well with skinny jeans and not only. I love a soft fabric that still looks well put together after a few hours of sitting and … [Read More...]


The Little Things

Guys, I am wrapping my final week as a stay at home Mom. I am retuning to work on Monday for only a few days a week and I feel so weird. I am not ready for this new chapter but again what woman is?! I will just have to figure everything out as we go along. But … [Read More...]